Here we go again…(The Intro)

I Guess I’m going to attempt to be more diligent with my writing.  Try not to get too hung up on the details to the point where I can’t see the forest for the trees and am then too overwhelmed and immobilized to write.  I will post pieces of some of my work here.  Not whole stories, necessarily, because publishers consider internet work as already published, and will therefore, not consider it for publication (or payment).  I have heard it suggested that too many writers get hung up on whether or not what they are writing will sell, and that then hampers their ability to write.  While I don’t feel I have that particular problem, I, like any other artist (and you hear musicians complain about this a lot in this age of internet,downloading, and pirating,) would like recognition and payment for my work if possible, rather than giving it all away.  Besides, who would not want to make money doing what they love?

But really my priority is just writing more…and writing to completion more often.  Abandoning my ideas and characters less, and believing in my own ideas.  Also, believing in my ability to rework other’s old ideas.  See, there exists the opinion that there are no longer any “new” ideas, just re-imaginings and rehashing of what’s already been done before.  And if your favorite author (the one who you maybe read the most and and after whom you perhaps even  almost unintentionally pattern your writing style)  is, say, Stephen King, then perhaps the thought of “reinventing” or “re-imagining”  one of his themes or ideas is a trifle daunting (I can’t imagine why.)

Alas, I digress…maybe.  Anyway, here we go again.

One response to “Here we go again…(The Intro)

  1. Kelly,

    I’m so happy to see you blog! THIS is writing, too! Never forget that — every post, it’s another step forward, another written piece that we can use to learn from later.

    I don’t know if you use Twitter, but there’s a GREAT writing community. I can network you with some great, inspiring people who love talking shop with writers, whether they’re experienced or just getting their feet wet like me and you.

    I’m proud of you, girl! Kick some ass and get ready to rule the world!

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