Aunty Em…

tornado wall mural (by:alienredqueen)

Getting spooky here.  It’s 12:35 pm and we’re under a number of storm watches and warnings.  Floods, thunderstorms, and not the least of them- tornadoes.  The storm has just ramped up, the wind is gusting, and the rain is coming in diagonally.  In SoKY we get tornado watches and warning a fair amount.

I close the screen on the door.  I live in a one bedroom apartment that’s a single level.  I doubt the bathroom will afford me much protection.  I actually have been fascinated by storms and tornadoes as long as I can remember. I even dream about tornadoes every once in a while.  Perhaps the power and magnitude are what enthrall me.  I would love to see one.  I have entertained daydreams of being a storm chaser.

But it’s a little scarier when you have other people to look after.  Now that I have my daughter, the idea of weathering a tornado in this little matchbox of an apartment is…less than appealing.

Oh, shit.  And there’s the siren again.  At least the baby does not realize what is going on yet.  It’s not thundering too badly and the wind and rain don’t seem to phase her much.

What will I do if I see a funnel cloud on my horizon?  Hide in the laundry room, holding the baby to me and hoping the cats will be okay?  Grab the kid and make a break for it?  Or just stand entranced by the window, watching to  see what gets swept away…?

narrow shot tornado wall mural (by:alienredqueen)

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