Hey There, Sugar

In researching and preparing for an upcoming article on the anniversary of Layne Staley’s death, I came across this tribute website, and then found THIS little nugget of “wisdom.”

Sugar is an entry level drug for all forms of food which can stand alone, but whose flavor is enhanced on the tongue by the addition of sugar (or salt, or MSG, none of which are healthy for us).

Sugar is addictive.  It is used as a pain reliever, and as such in our foods, keeps us from feeling.  You have to feel to mature, and to heal, and our children are being left adrift in a world of lack–of-feeling, which will lead us into a secondary position when dealing in life (in the areas of personal growth, family, community, and the world).

Quote from: http://www.layne-staley.com/?page_id=222

Confectioner's sugar

Oh, Sugar, you evil little minx, you…

Um, sugar occurs naturally in fruit, dipshits… Anything is bad if you ABUSE it! Just saying…  But, oh, wait, it gets better…

Sugar is a drug we have become so used to that our society now demands stronger and stronger anesthetics and pain killers.

If sugar had been tested rigorously by the FDA, it (along with nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine) would not have become legal. They are “grandfathered” in because the FDA did not exist when they were introduced.

Really?  The FDA did absolutely no testing on sugar?  And, lastly, this little flagrant reference to a famous dead person for the use of validating their stupidity:

 Don’t we have enough psychological crutches?  Layne spoke out against legalizing any more drugs.

Really, guys?  Layne died from an overdose of a Speedball  (cocaine and heroine), drugs he could not kick despite the fact that he no longer enjoyed them and knew they would ultimately mean his death.  And you think he gave a shit about sugar?  Please, if there is one documented piece of evidence where something of this nature came out of his mouth, prove me wrong and post the link…  I know over-consumption of sugar can lead to all sorts of health problems, like weight gain, intestinal issues (Crohn’s disease and colon cancers,) and diabetes.  But to suggest that sugar is comparable to opioids and aggressive stimulants like heroin and cocaine is insulting and ridiculous, if not downright dangerous, to someone desperate enough or dumb enough to believe it.  Not to mention, name dropping Layne’s moniker in connection with this bit of drivel is kind of pathetic.  

Anyway, check out the rest of the site, by all means.  There is some information on there regarding upcoming tribute events to commemorate Layne on the ten year anniversary of his death, and also other information about substance abuse recovery (although if it’s on par with the whole “sugar” thing, I’d research it a bit, lest you find yourself in a diabetic coma with a cigarette hanging from your lip, and your crack pipe still lit.)  

Layne Staley - Alice in Chains ( Frozzader VBo...

Layne Staley – Alice in Chains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And as always, much love and respect to Layne and his family, because that man gave us the gift of his voice and his music, and he poured his soul into both.  He had real problems, and I doubt a powdered sugar fueled donut orgy was among them.

6 responses to “Hey There, Sugar

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  2. Great work. I am inspired to share my experience with his life and the effects of his words on me as an adolescent. Good to find a fan that didn’t move on. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a shitty writer who was waxing philosophical, but totally missed the point. Fail. (The article, not you) 🙂

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