MacGyver’s Got Nothin’ On You!

List of MacGyver episodes (season 6)

Now I will disable this bomb with a grapefruit and a paper towel roll, while my hair maintains its manageability and shine...

Last night, as I was starting my truck up to leave volleyball, the cap on a vaccum line (or, whatever) came off.  I knew the sound, a dry PFFFTTT! sound, and I knew pretty much what happened, but my husband was always the one who fixed it.  I am not ashamed to admit I don’t know my way around an engine (but I can write the shit out of a college essay, so NYAH!)  But hubby wasn’t there, having stayed home with the baby and nursing his gums after oral surgery (not that he ever comes out to volleyball much.) The drive home is only about 25 miles, mostly on the parkway, but my truck is kind of old [’94 Ford Explorer] and hubs and I have been slowly fixing it up with tax money, rather than get a new car with a new car payment.  The point is, I didn’t want to risk trying to drive it home by myself, at night, on the parkway with the motor hiccuping like it was.

Luckily, my best friend and her hubby were there (her hubby being my substitute husband…HUBStitute?)  I pulled the truck up under the lamps on the basketball court, the truck sputtering desultorily.  HUBStitute saw the problem right away… but none of us could find the hose I thought went there.  I tried to call my real hubby, but he must have forgot/neglected to load minutes on his phone (shocker, I know, but damn inconvenient,) so I couldn’t ask him what normally went on that tiny metal nozzle.  HUBStitute thought it was maybe a small rubber stopper or cap.

So, to make a short story shorter, he rummaged around in his truck and found a few things to rig it until I got home.  This is what we ended up with.


Yes…that’s a drinking straw with a plastic toy dinosaur shoved into it and medical tape to hold it on.  I haven’t been so impressed since my early college days when a friend made a bong out of a flashlight.  It just defies common sense…and yet it worked.

So thank you, HUBStitute!  Hats off to you.  I will be nominating you for the Nobel Peace Prize in the category of Fixing Shit with Duct Tape (it’s a broad category.)

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