RE5: “Wait…are those genitals?”

Alright, let’s skip the foreplay and jump right into the meat of this thing; despite the (very) obvious fan service with characters like “battlesuit” Jill and Excella Gionne (yikes!) fans of Resident Evil 5 may have noticed some definite sexual connotations about some of the various enemy creatures and bosses throughout the game.

Are those things taped in there???

Now, as an avid consumer of anime and various other Asian film entertainment, I’ve come to expect a certain amount of perversion with my films.  But by now I’d be willing to bet Capcom is out of arm’s reach of the  original creators of the franchise’s foreign predecessor, Biohazard.

Nevertheless, as I played through the game chapters, I couldn’t help but notice the way many of the enemies resembled certain parts of the human anatomy, the naughty bits, to be exact.

No?  Surely you jest?  Well, here are a couple of good examples:

1) The Beta Licker-  Um…it’s called a LICKER.  Use your imagination.  Oh, and its head looks like a scrotum…with teeth.  Eww.

Hey, baby…

2) Ricardo Irving (transformed) (Chapter 3-3 boss)- The irritatingly Brooklyn sounding guy you spend the first part of the game chasing around finally has his 15 minutes of fame.  He transforms into a giant Japanese-dragon-looking sea monster that attacks the boat you’re on.  He has a couple of different weak spots to aim for throughout the fight, but most notable is a pulsing whitish-pink nodule on the head that looks suspiciously like a clitoris.  While engaged in the boss fight with my husband, I couldn’t seem to help myself repeatedly yelling “Shoot it in the clitoris! Shoot it in the clitoris!”

The pic is a bit dark, so it may be difficult to find here (sounds like a familiar problem for many men) XD

The final phase of the fight comes when the Irving-monster attacks the rear of the boat and the head splits open to reveal a dangling little… “Irving-thingie,” which looks a bit like the uvula (or as I call it, the “hangy-ball-thingie”) in the back of your throat.

3) Uroboros (Mkono and Aheri)-

At 3 different points in the game, you fight two incarnations of the Uroboros monster, a creature that looks like it’s composed of roughly a bajillion oily black slugs.   In the first fight, it undergoes no significant transformations and is easily dispatched if you can trick it into the furnace.  When the second incarnation in Chapter 5-2 starts to transform after enough damage is done, it looks suspiciously like a really ugly sack of deformed testicles.

Um…maybe you could shave that or something?

The 6-2 boss, (Excella transformed) looks a bit like a double set of fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Take your birth control today?

4) Duvalia – a transformed Majini, the Duvalia, though a lesser enemy than the bosses, should not be underestimated.  Looking a bit like a walnut on legs, this goofy looking creature opens up to reveal a gaping maw full of teeth, at the center of which is a “cervix” (also full of teeth.)  Ever heard of that horror movie where the chick has teeth in her vagina?  Maybe the game makers were inspired to create…this guy.

Feed me, Seymore!

Well, while there are other less obvious, but nonetheless suggestive creatures (the Cephalo, for instance) this is where I’ll leave you for now.  I’m sure you’ll have plenty to think about.  Go now and play the game again, and look for these “sexy” monsters.  Go on, now.  Go!

phallic imagery or craftily camouflaged vagina?

If all else fails, you can always stare at Excella’s boobs for a while.  XD

10 responses to “RE5: “Wait…are those genitals?”

  1. I know these monsters are supposed to be nasty and what not – but it seems like the creators of this game have some serious sexual aversion problems if the only thing they picture as scary is genitals and a uvula (which I deem genitalia).

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