Turkish Woman Beheads Rapist…right on

Note to my readers: While I realize this woman’s name and photo are now a matter of public knowledge, out of respect for her and other victims of sexual violence, I have refrained from mentioning her name or posting her picture.  Thank you.

A 26-year-old Turkish woman, who was impregnated by her rapist, reportedly shot and beheaded her alleged attacker to protect her honor. ~ Huffington Post   

Considering she apparently lives in a country where she and her children are the ones to be ‘dishonored’ and ridiculed if she is raped, is it out of line for me to say “right fuckin’ on!”

She was repeatedly raped over the course of a period of time and he used threats against her honor, and worse still, her family, to ensure her silence.

Apparently, this incident has also brought the abortion issue to bear again due to Turkey’s laws and policies regarding abortion.

According to CNN, [she] went to a health clinic for an abortion prior to the murder but was turned away because she was 14 weeks pregnant at the time. In Turkey, abortion is only permitted during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. Anything beyond that requires a special circumstance.

I have a very aggressive stance on sexual assault (as well as violence against children.)  This in and of itself may seem hypocritical or counterproductive- fight violence with violence? you ask.  But in a world where people are doing more and more inexplicably heinous things to one another and there seems to be even less accountability with the law, I am of the opinion that you do what you have to in order to protect yourself and your family.  Period.  End of story.

7 responses to “Turkish Woman Beheads Rapist…right on

    • I’m sure there will be some bleeding hearts that say she shouldn’t have KILLED him, but, like I said…. And anyway, although I do hope for justice for her, I have a feeling she will not regret what she did. True justice would be a change in the archaic way of thinking that puts these poor women in these circumstances, feeling trapped, anyway!!

  1. If the story is as I read it then I think she was too kind to the man if anything. I think that the amount of media coverage this story got means that she will be treated far more fairly than if she’d just shot him and the rest of the world never found out.

  2. In my eyes, she had every right to kill such a disgusting person. Sometimes you have to fight violence with violence. And I think I would’ve done the same if i were in her shoes. Because I don’t see another way out. But like mentioned before, I hope she will recieve fair justice, and not end up behind bars.

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