The Girl Who Loved Horror Movies

Once upon a time…

there was a girl who loved horror movies.  She was never really into romantic comedies like a lot of other girls, although if she got interested in a movie, she’d watch it even if it wasn’t “horror.”  She loved to write too.  Can you guess what she might have liked to write?

Eventually, she grew up to become a young woman who loved horror films.  Once time she wanted to figure out how many horror movies she had seen in her life, so she found up a fairly comprehensive list on Wikipedia and went through each decade, year by year, tallying the films she knew or remembered having seen.  Of course the list was not 100% accurate, but it gave her a good idea.  At the time, she had seen over 300 horror films.

But then, tragedy struck…  she lost her tally sheet, and stopped keeping track of the new films she saw.


 this young woman is a wife and mother who loves horror films…  and she has decided to take another stab at this list.

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion and findings of the experiment (I know you can hardly contain your excitement.)


12 responses to “The Girl Who Loved Horror Movies

    • Well, I don’t actually write the name, cuz that would be WAAAYY too much effort. I just go over the lists and make a hash-mark for every movie I’ve seen. My hubby appreciates that I don’t like romantic comedies, but I think he tires of the way I’ll watch a horror film even if I know it’s likely to be dumb. LOL

    • Animalcouriers – I never wondered at your gender before, but now I’m betting you’re female and said partner is male? Because I know too many awesome women who have men that can’t bear gore. I’m not one. Well I AM awesome, but hubby loves horror too 🙂

  1. Ooo! Alien came out in ’79, and probably hit cable the next year. That means I was 9 when I had already seen so many horror films that it bored me and I fell asleep! I’m proud of that. But the Omen movies, and It (not King), It’s Alive, etc – and a POS called The Car, left big impressions on me!

    I’d love to play along!

      • I agree with you on that one. I don’t know why horror movies scare me so much. I didn’t used to have much problem with horror or gore (beside hellraces) but I slowly turned into a softy, and gave me nightmares.

        Maybe because I think all the time during one of those horror movies “What if that would be me?!”

  2. What kind of horror movies? I like the lame ones that make you jump (ie like someone jumps out from behind a door or there’s a ghost moving things) rather than the gory ones where gross things happen (like Saw or Hostel eg). Did you love American Horror Story? I cannot wait for next season of that show. They should do more like it.

  3. Actually, I have never watched American Horror Story. We don’t have cable so I have to get all my shows via things like Crackle and whatnot. I do lobe The Walking Dead. Dunno if you watch that. Um, as to what kinds of horror, I’m not as huge on what I (and others probably) refer to as “torture porn,” (The Hills Have Eyes, Hostel, I Spit on Your Grave,) but I do watch them. My favorite things are normally zombies (which can get gory, but it’s a different kind of gore) and monster films (Primeval, Lake Placid, Anaconda.) Also, OBVIOUSLY I’m a huge fan of the Alien series.

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