AlienRedQueen’s Golden Rule of the Internet

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again and know I’m not the first;

A lot of people act like complete assholes on the internet.

Perceived anonymity has endowed many people with big, brass bull balls.  Many of these people are likely timid or unimposing in their everyday lives, likely feeling “bullied” by people in their own lives, and just looking to be on the giving end for a change.  Some of these people are probably asshats in their real life as well as online.  But I’d wager that this second type is a lot less vocal about it in the normal course of their day, for fear of repercussions, such as losing their job or mate, or maybe even being punched in the face for their temerity.

“You, sir, are an Asshat!”

Which brings me to my point-  AlienRedQueen’s Golden Rule of the Internet-

Speak unto others on the web as you would speak unto their face

Sounds pretty fancy-schmancy, huh?  Not necessarily a novel concept maybe, but applicable nonetheless.  Basically, you have the right to disagree with someone.  You have the right to voice your opinion.   But choose your words carefully.  Be respectful.  Even if you don’t feel respectful.  Think, If I were standing in front of this person, who I (likely) don’t know, would I dare talk like this to them?

Because, see… I’ve calmed down a bit since I was a teen.  Well, not really calmed down, so much as reined myself in a bit.  I have a kid.  I don’t need to go to jail for popping some smart-ass in the mouth…  But not everyone has that inhibition.  Mouth off and disrespect the wrong person, in person, and you’re liable to get your ass handed to you.

Which is maybe how it should be.

 Oops.  Did I just say that?  Call the lawyers, get ready to sue.  Sorry, but some people could use a good old fashioned pop in the mouth.  Guess that makes me a bully now too.  Or just someone who is tired of people acting like total douchbags just because they can get away with  it.

In case you are wondering, this whole thing came about today because I happened to stumble onto a random YouTube video, where a flame war was raging down in the comment section.  Basically it was this one person saying uncalled for, negative things, not just about the video, but about the people who made and/or watched the video.  And I thought, here we go again.  What a bunch of idiots.  Likely, this one guy is just a young punk-ass kid who thinks he’s big medicine on the webz.  And seriously, some of the kids nowadays could probably use a swift backhand.  Maybe if their parents had given them more appropriately applied guidance and consequences, they’d not be the little douchbags they are today, in public or online.

**And just to show I’m not all bad and I’m not advocating child abuse, below is a link to an article with a point of view different from mine.  I’m not saying all kids need to be beat, but I don’t agree with no consequences (or delayed consequences or those that the child just doesn’t care about.)  When my kid does something wrong, she usually gets a time out…but apparently, even that is gauche now.  But as long as a child is not injured physically or psychologically, to each their own, all of this is a little off the topic of my Golden Rule, so:

10 responses to “AlienRedQueen’s Golden Rule of the Internet

  1. My golden rule is never write in an email, blog post or comment anything you wouldn’t write on a postcard. Why some people think they’re anonymous is beyond me. The libel laws of the future could be terrifying.

    • That’s a good one! And also, I try to adhere to the “don’t say anything behind someone’s back that you wouldn’t repeat to their face (if asked- cuz obviously you wouldn’t necessarily volunteer to hurt someone’s feelings if you don’t care for them or their behavior, but if they ask, you should back up what you say.)

  2. I love the word *ass-hat*. A brilliant mind came up with that slam. What was the video you were watching? You have a link? I love youtube comment threads! I’m good at destroying idiots on there…

    • You’re gonna laugh. It’s a My Little Pony AMV-type thingie…and the argument looks to be still going. See if you can spot the troll. He basically insinuated that ppl who liked the show/video were …zoophiles who were attracted to members of the equine persuasion. 😉

  3. The one thing I hate about internet are trolls. I hate, hate, hate them! I know i sometimes can be an asshole, especially when I’m moody or when i don’t like someone, or someone has pissed me off. Tho, i know I wouldn’t say those things and show my anger in real life. Internet makes it so much easier sometimes. It’s a good and bad thing.

    I like your rule. 🙂

    I tend to trust people too easily, especially over the internet. It’s a bad thing, I know I shouldn’t. You never know what these people are up to these days. But I wouldn’t blurt out things about yourself that are personal or private, especially if you’re not that anon on the internet.

    • Yeah, I tend to trust to easily too… Sometimes when I make new friends, I share too much before I realize they are no good. But I am def more leery on the interwebz. Too many freaks out there.

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