Addendum to the Addendum: Some Sexy Old Men

Haha!  I just realized how this must sound to anyone who’s ever read anything about my Senile Stalker.  He’s creepy, wobbly, pushy, OAF (that’s old as fuck,) and he still thinks he’s got game.  Did I mention he’s creepy?

But there are some hot older guys that are definitely crush-worthy, in a “he could be my sugar daddy” kind of way.  Here are a few men who meet my definition of “sexy old men.”  See if you agree.

*“old men” in this case refer to men older than 50 (and in most cases, older than 60), but definitely not near 80 like my senile stalker.

Liam Neeson, age 60

Liam Neesonage 60

Oh, Hannibal Smith, you so sexy!

Chris Meloni, age 51

Chris Meloniage 51

Handcuff me, Elliot!

Mark Harmon, age 61

I'd be on his six all day!

I’d be on his six all day!

Richard Gere, age 63

Pretty Mothman?

Pretty Mothman?

Now I know I’m not alone, here.  Who wants to admit to a little alphamegamia?

Who are your “sexy old man (or women)” crushes?

12 responses to “Addendum to the Addendum: Some Sexy Old Men

    • Yeah, I’d have to check but I’d imagine he’s near seventy. I like him, but I can’t get it out of my head I once heard he was in trouble for domestic violence…don’t know if it’s true or not… :/

  1. I have wet dreams about Chris Meloni and if you want a good shot go to full frontal shots. Yow. He can keep me handcuffed.

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