More Ink Ideas

When I go home for Christmas, I wanna get my arm worked on, working towards a half-sleeve.  This is what I have there now.  Kinda hard to see, but it’s a raven on a crescent moon, under a willowy tree.  One artist started the tat, and worked on it twice.  I decided two chances was enough, cuz he couldn’t quite get it how I liked it.  A guy I used to date who tattoos practically begged me to let him “fix it.”  He added all the color and swirly clouds and tree roots and stuff, but there wasn’t much he could do to bring the bird out anymore.



Anyway, I had a visit from the insomnia monster last night.  SO much stuff going on in my mind– sorrow over the recent school shooting, the song “Thomas,” by A Perfect Circle (my love of Maynard should be well documented by now,) and ideas for tattoos…  I was sad but anxious and excited.  My stomach was upset, which is not uncommon if I get too anxious… so at about two in the morning, I ended up sitting on my living room floor, hubby asleep on the couch behind me, listening to A Perfect Circle and drawing.  I don’t get to draw much anymore.  I have a LOT of activities I’m interested in- writing, drawing, volleyball- and I have a two year old.  Some things are bound to get neglected, and it seems like my drawing is one of them (so is housework 😀 )

So, without further…pontification… this is what I came up with last night/this morning.  I’d like the whole half-sleeve to be a raven motif.

IMG_2851.clipSorry for the poor picture quality, but if I can get in touch with my artist, give him this idea, and then let him freehand the rest, it’ll look badass!

And now, for your musical enrichment and listening enjoyment, “Thomas”:



9 responses to “More Ink Ideas

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  2. When the crow sits on the moon, then one shouldn’t be able to see it in front of the tree! Because the tree would be closer than the moon, and therefore also closer than the crow. Is this a terrible mistake or a tattoo heavily influenced by M.C. Escher (Yet another famous dutch artist! Duh!) who likes to mess up perspectives?

    • Well, for one thing, the crow/moon and the tree were done at separate times. But, it’s art, dude…it’s more symbolic than anything. Don’t overthink it. LOL I never thought of that before and now I’M gonna overthink it!

  3. If i somehow made you start to dislike it, i suppose a good tattoo artist could integrate the crow into the tree… (maybe a more “blackish” tree therefore…) And since the NEW tattoo has A BIG GIANT RAVEN, one member of the crow (cornus) family might be just sufficient, thank you very much. BUT I’M NOT PAYING FOR IT!!!

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