To Follow or Not to Follow: A Poll

Just a kind of informal poll, for my own edification:

In the comments, you can weigh in, and feel free to elaborate if you wish.

a) Do you feel that when you

“follow” a blog, that blog/person should

“follow” you back? Do you feel insulted if they


b) Do you feel obligated to “follow-back” when

you receive a new follower?

Thanks in advance for your time and answers.

22 responses to “To Follow or Not to Follow: A Poll

  1. My answer is No to both questions.
    Not all bloggers I follow, follow me back, I like to read them, they replied to my comments when I comment, so that cool.
    I don’t follow everybody who follows me, if I like what you write and how you roll I’ll click “Follow”
    You gotta take into consideration that there’s a lot of compulsive followers/likers, that would never read what you write, they all about stats, I’ve got so many followers and so many likes, bah! BS.
    There you my answer and my explanation 🙂

    • Thank you! That is helpful. And you’re right. There are too many people that just click “like,” and when we follow with no intent to read or engage, I guess we are really not doing anyone any favors.

  2. I think it’s unrealistic to follow everyone that follows you. Follow, sure, but religiously read everything they post? That’s a bit much. Consider the BIG writers. Do they have time to read every blog by every person that follows them? Not likely.

    Along with that, and this may leave a bad taste in some people’s mouths, I tend to think progressively. There are people I have read in the past that were really enjoyable and helpful, but then I reach a point where I was checking in out of habit and not really gaining anything from it. So I stopped. If you have 100 people reading your blog every day chances are good that they value your insight/voice and are looking for a higher level of mental stimulation than they get elsewhere. If they’re learning from you, so to speak, what benefit do you gain by turning around to learn from them? Yes, even a student can educate a teacher on certain things, but it all comes down to the individual’s sense and understanding about needs and comfort. (That can be taken as “You read me, but I don’t read you because I’m above it,” but I just mean that we prioritize things based on what we need at the moment. When you reach the point where you’re spending time reading followers’ blogs instead of working on something productive, I’d say that’s a warning sign.)

    • I agree with most of what you said, although this question doesn’t really even involve how much you read ONCE you follow. I follow some people but if their article for the day/week/whatever doesn’t look interesting, I skip it. I think when you end up skipping most of a person’s articles, then maybe it’s time to un-follow.
      In regards to your remark “if they’re learning from you, so to speak, what benefit do you gain by turning around to learn from them?” I’d say different people have different specialties. I can learn more about cats from my friend Dianda’s blog, but she can learn a lot about… profanity…from me. 😉 Thanks for your input!

  3. No for both! I would have said yes to both of them when I first started. But if I really don’t like a blog, or it’s not interested. I will not follow back. If I find myself skipping a lot of articles, I will un-follow. 😛

  4. I check out their home page. If it’s full of people saying ‘thanks for the like/follow’ and the blogger doesn’t bother to reply to anyone, I steer clear. I get a LOT of new likes whatever when I tag photography, and 99% of them are looking for followers. I rarely get that with artists or cat people. Readers-writers and anyone who follows a comedic post can go either way. Political people I feel most comfortable following, and not reading their post if it doesn’t interest me that day. Anyone who gets really holy on their blog doesn’t get my attention and I don’t know why they’d follow me, either.
    I follow a LOT of blogs. Some I put on a once weekly digest so I cut down on mail coming into me.

    • The idea of looking at their replies or lack thereof is a good one. Also, I don’t like when people comment on my page JUST to say Thanks for the Follow. I don’t need that. And I agree about the ppl trolling for “like” and follows too. Often you can tell that by the fact that they don’t take time to comment ever.

      • Before I had a blog, I would read EVERY POST EVER and then not comment, because it was old stuff, and I didn’t have a good way to comment. This wasn’t just WordPress but blogger, everything out there. I’m a little annoyed that WP only makes it easy to follow other WP blogs. There’s tons of other good ones out there, but once I chose this platform I was limited. And I no longer have time to read everything. Which is a real shame! Most of my best stuff was early days, and I would totally welcome comments on my old crap.
        I do feel bad when someone follows me, and likes a lot of my posts (but doesn’t comment) and I just can’t reciprocate because of their content.

  5. It would be impossible to follow more than a couple dozen blogs. In my opinion anyways. It does not bother me. I hate when someone does the follow/like thing, just to get a tag back though…

  6. I got here late. I don’t feel obligated to follow someone just because they followed me (nor do I expect the same from others). However, if someone is an active participant on my blog, I will check them out from time to time whether I follow or not.

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