Fuck the Shred; I’ve got a new exercise plan!

According to the University of Arizona… If a 150-lb person has sex for five minutes, he will burn 24 calories. If the same person has sex for 45 minutes, he will burn 216 calories. (source)

It’s not like I’m the first person to have this idea.  We like sex, we like losing weight…why can’t we do BOTH?  And the more creative and acrobatic, the more calories burned.

Sexercise Icescapades!

SEXercise Icescapades!

So what are the best calorie burning SEXercises???

Therapeutic massage?  Check!

Interval training?  Check! Check!

Some good ol’ core work?  Checkity-check!

HR Giger- Erotomechanics-VII

HR Giger- Erotomechanics-VII

HR Giger

HR Giger


Wait til I tell DH.  I can see it now…   “Wanna help me work off that chocolate torte? It’ll only take about two and a half hours…”

11 responses to “SEXercise!

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  2. I’ll lick you anytime my Queen… and as long as it takes for you to lose that weight! 😐 What an artist eh… that H.R.Giger guy! (If he would be English, he surely would be a “Sir” and not a “guy”) What a great science fiction/horror movie you could make based upon his art with the techniques available now! But the moviemakers nowadays seem somehow visually handicapped. Maybe it’s because of there old age…

  3. 😐 Yeah, i guess we should stay positive, my Queen, or they won’t give us no more sequels, prequels or crossovers. :-] Great movie, Sir Ridley, GRRRREEEAAAAT!!! 🙂

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