Hi, My Name is AlienRedQueen, and I Have Simulator Sickness

It’s time to discuss a very serious situation that also happens to hit close to home:


Motion sickness… while gaming.

First Person Shooters are common culprits for simulator sickness

First Person Shooters are common culprits for simulator sickness

Never heard of it?  Not surprised.  It’s probably not exactly the height of cool to be one of those people that gets headaches, feels dizzy, or even pukes (not me, thankfully) from playing their favorite video games.

I just got Resident Evil 6 as a Christmas gift from a friend and I actually haven’t been playing it day in and day out like I normally would, given my abnormal love of the franchise.  I was playing through the campaigns the first few days I got the game, with the friend that gave it to me, but I actually had to let him do most of the playing, due to the nauseating headache I was getting from the camera motion.  I haven’t fought one boss yet.  He always seemed to have the controller when the bosses came along (coincidence, I assure you.)

This is not new for me.  It’s happened before…and yet I played RE 5, ad nauseum.  And now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure I had the same problem with that game.  I think I started popping Dramamine before gaming sessions for a while, and then I must have gotten used to the motion again, because it stopped bothering me.

There must be a mental component to it too, at least for me, because even thinking about it now is making me slightly nauseous.

Anyway, here are a couple tips if you suffer in the closet from this horrid affliction.

1) You may try desensitizing yourself with short gaming sessions, stopping for a while when you feel too sick

2) Take a dose of an anti-nausea medication like Bonine or Dramamine before you start to play.  In my experience, it does help with my motion sickness (travel-related as well,) but you should take it at least an hour before hand, as it seems to take quite a while to kick in, and it may make you sleepy.

3) Try slowing the camera down or changing the camera view on the game.

Here is a bit more about simulator sickness and some more tips on what may help.  Sadly, there is no cure. We must just suffer…but we need not do it in silence, my friends.  Maybe we should start a support group for weenies people like us, who get physically ill, but can’t bear to give up our gaming.  You can be the president…I’ll just be over here sipping my ginger-ale.


*if you’re a RE fan like me, here’s a bit more on RE 6 and the changes made to the camera view this go-around. I’ll give you a hint– they kind of suck!

14 responses to “Hi, My Name is AlienRedQueen, and I Have Simulator Sickness

  1. The camera isn’t the only thing that sucks about RE6, but I won’t dwell on that.

    Not sure if it’s the same, but there’s one game I have a similar problem with. I sit down to play and within an hour I either have a headache or my body just feels wrong. (Not nausea, just an overwhelming “This isn’t right…” vibe.) The game is Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. I know, it’s fitting that I feel like that after playing a Cthulhu game, as if the psychosis the main character was dealing with was actually bleeding through the screen and into myself. I’m not sure what the issue is, I can play any other game and have no problem at all, but I’ve never been able to play this game for more than an hour or two at a time. What’s worse, just when I start thinking “Okay, I have to save and turn this off before I’m sick,” there’s some kind of fast-paced chase sequence which makes me feel like running hurdles after eating several portions of pasta.

    • LOL! You’re so funny, Joosh! The introspection and the funny metaphors! Maybe there’s something about the lighting or color scheme with that game. Did you happen to visit any of the links in this post. I don’t know if it’s accurate or not, but one theory is that since there’s no actual MOVEMENT of the inner ear and whatnot, the motion on the screen tricks your brain into feeling “poisoned.” Maybe Cthulhu is slooowly poisoning your miiiind.

  2. Gamers all around the world! Brace yourselfs for that extra-nauseating 3D gaming! There’s no escaping! You want that Lickertongue coming at ya!

  3. I wouldn’t know, i have no idea how you look (red hair maybe…?) But caught you often talking about losing weight… hence my stupid remark… you might be a regular antenna by now!

  4. Nice! I like variation! Any bad experiences maybe as a blonde or any other reasons why you don’t like that haircolo(u)r?

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