Artistic Ode to Rosie

My dear long distance friend Dianda lost the family furbaby a short while ago.

You can read about Rosie here.  I really love this pic of Rosie all stretched out, so I decided to do a portrait of her for D.

Rosie (photo: Cats & Co.)

Rosie (photo: Cats & Co.)

I haven’t got to do much art lately due to time constraints, other priorities, my two year old’s penchant for stealing my art supplies…  Sometimes I worry I’m too out of practice, so I am pretty pleased with how the portrait is going so far. And a little bit afraid of messing it up.







I’ll post the final whenever it’s done.  I initially wanted it to be a surprise for D, but I was too excited when it started to look good, and who knows when I’ll feel like I’m finished with it.




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