Weekend Introspection

–Sometimes I can be arrogant, and disdainful of other people… but I think at least some of the time, this stems from the frustration I feel at being unable to do anything significant to affect the bad behavior of others.

For instance, today while reading a blog entry on Own Your Shit, (don’t you just love that name?)  I realized after I posted it, how my comments could possibly be construed as arrogant.   I sound as if I feel superior, morally and intellectually, to those careless and self-involved enough to enjoy our beautiful world and yet pollute it with their garbage and ruin it for others.  In a way, I guess I do feel superior…but whether or not you agree with my assessment of their behavior or my own, I believe part of the reason I feel so resentful of them is my inability to reach enough of them to make a difference, and the very real likelihood that it wouldn’t make a difference even if I could.  You can’t argue with self-involved.  You can’t argue with stupid.

Image courtesy of http://littermob.blogspot.com/ .   Check out this site; their efforts on behalf of Mother Earth are commendable.

Image courtesy of “littermob“. Check out this site; their efforts on behalf of Mother Earth are commendable.

— The second “revelation” for the weekend is that maybe I need a change in my perspective when it comes to my smoking.  I should apply the same no bullshit philosophy I have on so many other things and with so many other people to myself.  Basically, you can’t have everything you want.  I should stop being selfish, because even though I enjoy smoking, it would be better for my health (and wallet) if I didn’t, and I owe it to my daughter to be healthy and provide a better example for her.

Oooor, I could just be rationalizing another excuse to quit smoking and thus reduce the anxiety I feel over it.

6 responses to “Weekend Introspection

  1. Aaargh! Smoking! Being morally and intellectually superior while continuing to smoke its a hard combination in many people’s eyes (she says while typing with one hand so she can hold the fag in the other). We all get there in the end, sometimes too late.

  2. Thanks for the nod! I didn’t see your comments as arrogant at all–though I’m looking through the lens of total agreement. The most interesting people I know are opinionated and passionate about things; some may view it as arrogance but I see it as knowing your mind and not being afraid to express yourself (particularly when we’re right and they’re wrong 🙂

    Good luck with the smoking, has to be tough!

    • Thanks! And you’re welcome for the link up, since it was your blog that inspired my post today! 😉 I would say the difference between me and the people I was referring to is that at least I am willing to entertain others’ ideas and opinions, as well concede when I am wrong about an issue. Some people there is just no point in even trying to have a discussion with them.

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