V-Day, Kitteh Style

I’m way late on this daily post challengebut in honor of Valentine’s Day, which is a day to celebrate love, (especially for those who maybe aren’t in the habit of doing it everyday,) I’m going to do my own post on interpretations of love, and I’m gonna do it...kitteh style!

Kittehs show love in a variety of ways.  there are the normal ways…purring, face rubbing, squinting…and then there are some weird things kitties love.

kitty kisses

kitty kisses

kitty "love" bites

kitty “love” bites


kitty stuffy cuddles

kitty stuffy cuddles

kitty proximity... "I love you...don't touch me."

kitty proximity… “I love you…don’t touch me.”

kitteh heaven

kitteh heaven

heater love...very possessive

heater love…very possessive

foot love

foot love



baby belly love

baby belly love


And then there is my personal favorite…

baby “hooman” love…

IMG_1119 IMG_1135 IMG_1332

my boy cat "claiming" the baby (~circa 2010)

my boy cat “claiming” the baby (~circa 2010)

Make sure to love all the members of your family today, teeny ones,  grown up ones, and even furry ones.









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