Valentine’s Day: Happy or “Humbug?”

I’ve been seeing about a fifty/fifty split on Facebook posts between

“Happy Valentines Day, [so-and-so]! I love you, (blah blah blah…)”  and

“Screw Valentine’s Day! It’s just a Hallmark holiday anyway!”

Personally, I can’t think of a reason to complain about a day where there is an abundance of chocolate and flowers around, and an increased chance of sex!  Saying those things are bad is like saying you like to kick puppies.  Also, the nay-sayers are fooling themselves if they don’t think every other holiday has become a “Hallmark holiday” as well.

Like I told my friends, via my own status, even Christmas is commercial now.  I highly doubt the twelves disciples gave one another expensive electronics or fancy jewelry to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.  Anytime a holiday results in almost as much stress (or more) as it does joy, the holiday has likely become too commercial, or strayed too far from its original meaning.

I was thinking to myself today, the point of Valentine’s Day, or any holiday, is that its significance is what you make it.  What you put into it is what you get out of it.  So, if you want to celebrate V-day, great! If not, more power to ya!  But then this day took an interesting sort of turn which left me feeling a little confused, disappointed, silly, and finally, pissy…

In the spirit of this post, I was originally going to do a Valentine’s Day photo shoot (incognito, of course!)

By the time I got done exercising, I was feeling confident and inspired.  I knew hubby was coming home for lunch (he usually does,) and I wanted to wash the funk off before he got home, but I was going to wait until after he left to go back to work to get all fixed up, and I’d also have a nice deer steak ready for dinner.  But I had some extra time when  got out of the shower, so I got dressed up in a cute little vintage strapless number that’s been gathering dust in my closet, shaved my legs, put on some make-up… I even crammed myself into those pain in the ass spanx so I’d look extra svelte in my dress.

Granted, hubby says I always look beautiful…bleh.  But when I dress up, dammit, I feel pretty…only, when hubby walked through the door, his face hanging cuz he had a headache (again,) and… nothing.  Not only was there not a “you look great,” or “Happy Valentine’s Day,” there was no change in facial expression whatsoever.  

Already feeling embarrassed, I mumbled something about wanting to look cute for Valentine’s.  And then I said, in my daughter’s direction, “But now Mommy’s going to go change cuz she just feels silly.”

~sigh~  So for about 20 minutes I kind of wanted to cry, and then hubby left to go back to work and he kissed me twice and told me he loved me…

Hubby is a bit short on romance, but he’s a good guy and he does love me.  Last night when we got back from a couple of errands, he whipped out a bag of Andes Candies he had managed to sneak by me  (I heart Andes Candies) and he said, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Well, it’s the little things that count, right?  So I made myself some “Valentine’s Day comfort coffee” with Hershey’s syrupand dropped a couple of Andes in it to make it extra minty-chocolatey.  And now I’m going to go smoke a “Valentine’s Day cigarette.”

Yay, me.

I guess I’m still a little bummed, so… dammit, I better get some extra Valentine’s Day sex tonight, or someone’s gonna be in trouble!

23 responses to “Valentine’s Day: Happy or “Humbug?”

  1. I’ve never come across a woman that begged for sex…are you sure you’re a woman? I mean, you went out of your way to mention that you shaved your legs? That’s something that usually just happens without mentioning, right? Now that i think sbout it, it sounds like something a newly transformed woman might say, you know? “Ermagerd, ah nerd ter sherve mer lergs agern”

  2. My boyfriend is not romantic at all. Zero, nada, nothing! I made him a cake with ‘i love you’ on it. I put effort in it, he didn’t even say thanks. So I was pissed off as hell. Because that was pretty f-ing rude. Anyway. He was wondering why I was angry with him. i explained and he was all “how am I supposed to eat that cake on my own?!” …. I wanted to throw it away, but he didn’t wanted to.

    We aren’t really the kind of couple who say ‘i love you’ all the time, and over time we haven’t even said ‘hey you look good today’ or something. I don’t know. Not planning to make a cake next year!

    • I had an ex who did a similar thing to me when I made him a birthday cake. He couldn’t even be bothered to eat a piece.

      Hubby, however, ended up redeeming himself last night. We had some pretty awesome sex, and I didn’t even notice, but he had slid a Valentine’s Day card into my drawer. He had to show me it was there cuz I hadn’t opened the drawer yet… He even got J* a card!

        • I know… it was so sweet. And what he wrote in my card was so nice too… Every once in a while, he surprises me with a burst of romance…or maybe he saw me complaining about it when my friend texted me yesterday…hahah. But we’ll give him the B.O.D.

          Sorry your bf doesn’t realize how awesome you are!

          • My bf just hates everything romantic. And he will never write something personal. He did a few years back for my birthday and he has his own ways of showing he likes me. I bought me something kinky when we were five years together. HAH, i didn’t expected that from him. I was speechless. I think he has his own way of showing he loves me?

          • I’m sure he does…but I alsoknow us girls sometimes still want that extra show of sentimentality. And if they KNOW we like it, I don’t see why they can’t make an effort at it.

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