Relax…It’s Almost Friday

Something a friend posted on FB today reminded me of one of my favorite memes…which in turn, inspired me to post about few of the things that make me smile almost regardless of what is going on in my day.

First, I give you…PhilosoRaptor, on toast–

Say "toast toast toast" out loud... you know you want to.

Say “toast toast toast” out loud… you know you want to.

If that didn’t make you laugh, I defy you to not smile in the face of  Shironeko: the most relaxed cat on earth and otherwise known as “basket cat.”  Known for his zen-like expression, as well as for his humans’ propensities for photographing him with various objects balanced on his head or paws, I can’t help but get that warm, fuzzy feeling whenever I see his perpetually squinted eyes and small “smile.”–





*photos of Shironeko credited to …whoever it is putting that shit on his head and photographing it.

Maru and his Bog Box— My kid squeals in delight whenever she sees Maru and his big box.  I think it’s pretty hilarious too, especially the way he jumps with all four feet at once.

Well, gentle readers, I guess that about sums it up for today.  I could say something sweet and endearing about how my daughter’s own smile, or the sweet way she pats my face and says “Cuuuute” makes me smile… and it totally does, only for mostly pragmatic reasons, I don’t often post pictures of her on this blog.  SO I leave you with Philosoraptor, Shironeko, and Maru in the hopes that they will buffer the stress of your day until 5 o’clock Friday (or whenever ) and bring a smile to your face.

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