Public Service Announcement: People Suck, Protect Our Animals

As if you needed more proof that humans in general suck ass, I am loathe to link this article and video on coyote and fox penning.  Be warned, the video on the linked blog is supposedly graphic.  I could not bring myself to watch it, but I felt almost obligated to pass it on (and you know I almost never do that!) to raise awareness.  I did not realize this went on until I saw this article today.

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5 responses to “Public Service Announcement: People Suck, Protect Our Animals

    • I know what you mean. I just… I guessed what was on it and since I can’t change it for those poor things, I couldn’t bear to watch. It would have just depressed me horribly. There is so much sadness and violence in this world.

    • Oh, you’re absolutely right, that’s why I say humanity in general. On an individual basis, there are many humans I am okay with, and am even partial to, but on a grand scale, people suck. If it was just one or two doing this to these animals, it wouldn’t be such a big problem.

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