Kardio Karaoke?

I love to sing.  I have a special relationship with my music and love to sing along with my favorite songs…and even some not-so-favorite songs.  If I know the words, any song may be fair game.  It’s almost a compulsive thing; when in the car, I often feel compelled to sing along with the radio– not necessarily every song, but, you know, enough to annoy anyone who may not enjoy my singing.  For my part, I have sung in a couple of bands and while I’m no Grace Slick or Amy Lee, I’ve been told I can carry a tune, so hubby tells me it’s not too awfully painful when I sing along.  My kid seems to like it when I sing her favorite songs, if that “mom’s gone batshit” look she gives me is any indication.  For a while, hubby and I would always sing along with that 5 Hour Energy commercial on Hulu.  You know, the one with the guy recording…

“his de-but al-bum…”  

It got to the point where when that commercial came on and that part came up, my daughter would look at us in anticipation of our goofiness.

I generally don’t sing in the shower; in fact, I rarely sing in the absence of accompanying music unless a song is really stuck in my head.  But I’ve been known to sing ~gulp~ Karaoke.

And I sometimes sing while I exercise…which is no mean feat if you’re working at all hard.   So I got curious…   Are there any health benefits to singing while you exercise?  I mean, obviously, your timing has to be pretty good to run (or other cardio), breath, and sing at the same time, right.  Like walking and chewing gum?  Okay, maybe not like that.  According to Livestrong.com:

During 20 minutes of singing, a person who weighs 150 lbs. burns about 34 calories if sitting down, or 45 calories if singing while standing up, according to CaloriesPerHour.com.

However, while singing alone will not burn beaucoup calories, it is beneficial to your health in other ways.

As you may have found out for yourself, if you’re a fellow beltway belter or karaoke night killer, singing can help to relieve stress, improve your mood, and lower your heart rate and blood pressure.  Singing also gives your lungs and diaphragm a workout because it involves respiratory muscle exertion and deep and open breathing. (source)

According to an ezine article by Judy Rodman, physical exercise is vital to vocal stamina, and conversely, people who sing correctly will notice they become physically tired, because singing correctly uses the big muscles of your core and minimizes incorrect over-use of the little muscles of your throat.However, according to Enliven Magazine, singing while you workout you may be hurting your weight loss efforts.  According to this article, if you can belt it out while you’re exercising, you may not be working out hard enough (reaching your target heart rate.)  I have heard it similarly said that if you can talk while you workout, you’re not doing it right.  FOr me personally, I don’t sing continuously while I exercise, rather I belt out a few favorite lines sporadically, and usually not during my high intensity intervals. What do you think, gentle readers?And, no…that’s not me.


19 responses to “Kardio Karaoke?

    • Not HUGE… I liked the Immaculate Collection, some of the older stuff from the 80’s and all… I don’t really listen to any of it any more. Believe it or not, that “All By Myself” is a Celine Dion song my husband will randomly bust out into, in this goofy falsetto voice…just like the caption. 😉

  1. I sing a lot. I was in choir for sixteen years. You might think that would make me a good singer, but no, it makes me an ALL RIGHT singer. I sing in the shower, sing to warm up for work and sing to my kids. I’m good enough for that.

    I have yet to record “my de-but album.”

  2. Trust me, if you’re not able to sing anymore during exercising, than you’re overdoing it! Let singing be the basis for everything! Let’s all live in one big musical! People who talk? Hang’m! (with a song of course…)

  3. I only saw the 3D one. They tried to “drown” a mermaid on land, but i don’t remember any singing there… least of all from the mermaid… Oh! What cruelty!

  4. Oh! Coincidently, i have that POTC movie (the one without the Hangin’&Singin’!) lined up to watch this evening! Love it! (And i love U2, of course, my Queen…)

  5. It’s the fourth… But it’s got the third dimension, so you’re still pretty close to having the truth on your side, somewhat…

  6. I haven’t seen the first three, so I’M not missing any characters in the fourth! Sometimes life’s better not knowing everything!

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