PS: I’m Cranky When I’m Hungry

Some things have been bothering me lately, especially on social networking sites.  I’m really, really. really, really, REALLY close to sweeping through my “Friends” list with a cyber machete, or pulling the almost obligatory, infamous “Facebook hiatus.”

I just finished my workout (on a still-sore ankle) and was in the shower, and I started ruminating on the things that are bothering me, not the least of which are some impending social media arguments that I can feel brewing like a jet stream electrical storm.

And maybe I just need to get them out so a) I can get it off my chest, and more importantly, b) so it can be known by whoever cares enough to read my posts/statuses that I’m losing what little patience I have left, and maybe they should just delete themselves before I totally blow my stack.

It’s a sort of chicken shit move, to be completely candid.  See, I’m fairly introspective by nature, always second guessing myself and my opinions and ideas.  I have a hard time deciphering the line between an acceptable and respectful “difference of opinion,” and people whose views are just too narrow-minded for me to want to associate with them any longer.

This really won’t be a long post (I hope,) because I’m just gonna tell it how I see it, and if people find it too objectionable, they’ll know our relationship, alas, wasn’t meant to be.

I’d wager that every item on this list after number 1, will actually fall under the category of number 1…and that is:

1) Sweeping Generalizations- (especially by people who have no practical experience or frame of reference) If you’ve never had a child, don’t tell me it’s “lazy” to be a SAHM.  See, I once was where you are, a young single woman in the work force, so I do know what that’s  like. If you are 20 years old and single with no children, don’t talk to me about household dynamics… let me re-phrase that.  If my husband and I are doing what we’re doing, the way we’re doing it, chances are there is a good reason, one that goes beyond “laziness.”  While you are welcome to your opinion, don’t you dare give it to me with a superior or condescending attitude.   A few weeks ago, I had a major blowout with a former high school friend, and it started over this very subject.  Which brings me to number 2 on the list…

2) Women misogynists and pushy fems-  Feminism is not about redefining other women’s lives for them.  A lot of women now have careers of their own, outside of the home, and in some cases, forego having children or a spouse at all.  By choice.  And that is the operative word there.   Lately, it seems like I’ve met a lot of women who hate other women.  What causes this judgmental attitiude between women?

It’s not for you or anyone else to tell a woman that just because she now has the liberty and rights under the law to do certain things, that she has the obligation.

3) Using Tragedies to Force your social agenda-  Hey asshole, the bombing in Boston has nothing to with whether or not you get to keep your assault rifle or whether people pray in school.

4) ^ Gun Control-  It’s called “gun control,” not “complete and utter ban on firearms.”  Please, lets all use common sense and moderation.  And for the love of Christ, please stop with the “outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns.” Outlaws” aren’t the only people committing gun crimes. Regular everyday people are using their own guns (or family or friend’s legally owned guns) in domestic crimes, and then everyone who knows them says things like “We never thought he/she was capable of this!” So, clearly, despite heavy lobbiest protestations, it is not just inner city gang bangers and drug dealers using guns to kill each other. I agree with responsible gun ownership, I just think the word “responsible” needs to be redefined (and reinforced!!!)

Also, please stop comparing your second amendment rights to other things that are unrelated.  Last time I checked, my freedom of speech wasn’t responsible for any mass school casualties.

5) “Pro”-Abortion-  I’m not “pro” abortion.  I’m pro choice.  There’s a difference.  And stop posting pics of aborted fetuses, please.  Your attempt to use shock and gore to tug at my heart strings really just pisses me off.

6) Stop using recycled memes to put down people who don’t have the same beliefs as you!

You may think you are just expressing your beliefs, but if you play devil’s advocate and pretend for one second you feel the opposite way, or have an iota of respect for others’ feelings, and that meme would piss you off, chances are you shouldn’t post it.  This applies to gun control, abortion, health care, women’s issues, welfare…anything really.

Yeah, welfare.  Stop knocking people on welfare.  Just because some people abuse the system doesn’t mean it’s not a necessary system.  And stop acting holier-than-thou like “My taxes pay for your kids,” and shit, because, guess what, most of those people on welfare DO work, which means they pay taxes too!

Anyway…”end rant.”

I’m just saying, my bullshit meter is so full, I’m gonna just start defriending and unfollowing people willy-nilly.  I don’t need negative, nasty, judgmental people in my life.  Maybe I’m lame or whatever, but I’d rather have the insignificant cat memes than the political slactivism and nasty judgment memes any day!

PS.  Don’t ever tell me if I want to lose weight, I need to “stop eating.”  I’m cranky when I’m hungry.  😀

Machete-ing my Facebook!

Machete-ing my Facebook!

13 responses to “PS: I’m Cranky When I’m Hungry

  1. I think I’m safe 🙂 I keep out of most of these issues, too – there is not a meme on the planet that can sum up all the sides of any controversy or how I feel about them. Don’t go, I’d miss you!

  2. It’s too bad you are getting flack…women can be and do everything! So can everyone else (if they are given the opportunities to do so). Rejoice in the way you are!

  3. I only put memes on my facebook which I think are funny. Most of the time there is not really a thought behind or something. If I did post offending once — let me know! 😉

  4. There needs to be a love button for this post. Also, I really like deleting people from my Facebook. It makes me feel like God. LOL!

  5. Word! I’m with you on these in a big way.

    I can’t believe ANYONE thinks being a stay at home mom (I had to figure out what you meant there) is “lazy.” My wife is a homemaker and she works WAY harder than I do. When we were talking to our life insurance guy, he was trying to put a price on what we were worth to the family. I’m the breadwinner, but I’m not my family’s most valuable asset in terms of dollars.

    You know how I feel about the meme thing. They’re awesome SAID NO ONE EVER. O RLY?

    Regarding the “pro-abortion”/”pro-choice” thing, both the terms that abortion-rights and abortion opponents use for themselves are misleading. Abortion proponents call themselves “pro-choice,” which implies that their opponents are undemocratic, while their opponents call themselves “pro-life” which implies that people who are in favor of abortion rights don’t respect life. I actually prefer pro-abortion and anti-abortion.

    And since I’m on sort of a riff about this, let me tell you what bugs me about Democrats and Republicans.

    Most Democrats are pro-choice and anti-death penalty. This means that while they believe a child-raping scumbag isn’t deserving of death. an inconvenient child is.

    Most Republicans are pro-life and pro-death penalty. This means that they hold life to be sacred until the moment of birth. I always think it’s a little weird how people can call themselves “pro-life” and be for the death penalty.

    • You raise some interesting points. Although I disagree with the “pro-choice” being a misnomer. And if you think about it, the opponents of abortion ARE kind of being undemocratic, because if they had their way, the woman in question (the mother to be, or whatever) actually would have no choice in having the child or not. That choice being taken from her seems undemocratic in and of itself.

      Me, myself, I could never have an abortion probably, but I wouldn’t deign to tell someone else what to do with their pregnancy. Also, I am pro death penalty, as even though it may not “deter” other criminals from committing crimes, it sure as hell prevents recidivism. 😉

      Also, your wife is lucky to have a husband who appreciates how hard she works. 😀

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