A Few One Liners About Social Media, To Sing You Off To Sweet Sleep

Just a few random thoughts that have been poking at my consciousness like splinters, presented in a passive-aggressive way for your entertainment…

All of your “selfies” look exactly the same.  Stop it.

Maybe it’s not your opinion that people object to; maybe it’s the combative and assholish way you present it that pisses them off.

That pic of you fresh from the gym/car dealership/proctologist/whatever– you know, the one where you’re staring into space, or looking sideways and making duck lips at the camera…it was very unique and illuminating.

You’re so vain…you probably think this post is about you.

This post is about you.

Dear close friend or family member, I have to be more understanding and try not to get my feelings hurt when I know you’ve been online, but you’ve ignored something I posted specifically for you; you must just have your hands full “sharing” all those played out memes and “inspirational” photos.

I love watching grown ass adults act like adolescents on a social media site, don’t you?

And speaking of “grown adults,” watching some of the older crowd navigate Facebook is like watching two monkeys try to fuck a football.

I’m just here for the Scrabble.

11 responses to “A Few One Liners About Social Media, To Sing You Off To Sweet Sleep

  1. Some of that hit a little close to home. I reactivated fb two weeks ago, after an 8 month vacation from it. I don’t know if I can do it much longer. I have a hard time saying anything important in two sentences.

    • Haha…well, I think with a site like FB, when you move away from its intended use (which was I think something to do with college students) you’re opening the door to all sorts of “types” of use. I think finding a healthy balance between oversharing personal things and ONLY posting irrelevant things is where it’s at… Unfortunately, you can’t really dictate to other people how you think they should use social media. lol

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