Before the verdict…

Okay, so before the verdict, and the ensuing deluge of blog posts about the trial and race relations, here’s my piece (piece of opinion, that is) on the Zimmerman/Martin thing.  And first, let me stress that I am not one of those people who has been reading every article and transcripts of the trial on the internet, and my opinion comes from just what I have read and heard, which is by no means everything.

I think both Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin contributed to the events that happened that night.  If what Martin’s friend, Rachel Jeantel claimed is true, and Martin referred to Zimmerman as some “creepy white dude” following him, does that not make him guilty of contributing to the “racial” cast of the situation? That said, IF Zimmerman thought the guy was dangerous, when he followed him (with a gun and against orders from police dispatch) he put himself in a situation where he may have had to “defend” himself. Zimmerman, IMO was looking to be deputy dog or something.  And as to race and racial profiling, it DOES go both ways, and contrary to many may think, white people don’t automatically “get justice” if the crime is white on white. There is so much more to it (like money, for instance!)

The fact that this trial may result in a riot seems a bit ridiculous.  People (ANY people of ANY color,creed, or race) can’t just riot every time a jury trial doesn’t go their way.


18 responses to “Before the verdict…

  1. Can you believe that we are worried IF justice will be served? If it isn’t, I hope that city burns. Justice only answers to hordes of angry people these days, and unless we are speaking against it, the racism in this country will stay seated on every porch, in every gated community. *end rant*

    • Dude….hubs and I were just talking about …well, the state of this country. People blame Obama for every-damn-thing, when the real problem is that our congressmen, the people supposed to represent US, are beholden to lobbyists. *End my part of the rant* 😉

        • Okay…I read it…would you like to discuss it here or elsewhere? 😀 I DO have a hard time reading those state “legal beagle” documents, because they may attempt to word everything in the most clinical and dry terminology possible. Don’t know if that’s to “clarify” things or further obfuscate things. They often seem to say a lot without saying very much. To me, everything he said (“No new surveillance authorities and requires that the executive branch develop minimization standards to scrub any personally identifiable info) is relative in that we basically have to take their word for it anyhow with what is in place now and what may or may not be put into place.

          • :P:P I’m not talking about fb on wp. I was going to ask you to show me how to use twitter. Are you on fb?

          • Yeah, I’m on FB, I don’t do twitter because I figure no one needs to know my day, play by play. I guess ppl use it in as many different ways as they do FB, but it seems like Twitter is set up for short bursts of “Hey, I’m putting on my socks now…” kind of shit. lol

          • Since my wife made my twitter account for me, I have had two conversations and two blogs that automatically tweet themselves upon publishing. It is near impossible for me to say anything important in 140 words. Facebook is the same, only people can write blogs on your comments; instead of the usual 50-60 words that is common for either platform. I might tweet the socks thing right now, it’ll be good practice. I bet you would be good at it. 😉

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