All A@@holed Out

At least once a week now, I ask myself the same question, usually prompted by some ignorant, separatist redneck post or some anti-abortion self-righteous meme…posted by my “friends.”  Some of these are people I haven’t actually “seen” since high school, and even then, they were more like acquaintances.  Many are people to whom I used to be closer, and time and/or distance has come between us, but with whom I would like to keep in some sort of contact.  And then I’m realizing I just never knew some of these people to begin with.  And I actually like some of these people…I mean, except for the unfortunate fact of their intolerance…

Um...yeah, okay.

Um…yeah, okay.

Shall I attempt to point out the many ways this meme is ridiculous?  Firstly, the only people who have a problem with secularism are people who feel everyone should be their religion.  Secondly, pretty sure many of the “lazy, unproductive” people were that way before Obama got into office.  I can only assume this is a jab at people who are on some type of public assistance.  (These are also likely the same people who post memes like “before we help the poor in other countries, we need to help our own” and then go around bitching when any laws that actually attempt to do so get proposed.)

Thirdly–  Ow! I stubbed my fuckin’ toe!  Thanks, Obama!

But anyway, the question I have been asking myself is this:

At which point do I draw the line between respecting my friends’ views and differences of opinions to You’re just an asshole and I don’t think I wanna be your friend?”

Generally I would say, the difference would be whether or not their “views” encourage hate or discrimination of any kind.  But seriously…have you seen  some of the memes going around now?  The line between expressing opinion and attempting to insult/control the opposition seems to be becoming increasingly blurred.

And especially in lieu of the George Zimmerman verdict and all the “moral outrage” and barely concealed racism going around, I am SO sick of seeing hateful, ignorant posts about “reverse racism” and white victims of black killers.  How about we direct some of that moral outrage and righteous indignation towards the things that really matter, and maybe realize that all these posts are just widening the racial divide?

But, back to my original question, how do you personally decide when to accept differences, and who to cut loose because they are just too different (aka, an asshole)?  Frankly, I’m all “assholed” out.

“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”
― Isaac Asimov

29 responses to “All A@@holed Out

  1. I de-friended someone ages ago because he played Mafia Wars and asked all his FB peeps to attack someone because their character name was Jebus. I dumped my best friend (when I was 8 or so) because of her incessant Jesus badgering. I can’t dump my cousins even tho they do the same thing. I think it depends on the amount of beer I have on board – much more likely to un-friend when a bit in my cups.

    I drink too much – THANKS OBAMA.

      • Bible thumping.

        When we were little, my parents didn’t go to any church. My dad’s always been mostly atheist, with … I guess Wiccan tendencies? But mom had a CRAZY ASS religious family and she’d had enough. My friend was from a super religious family, and I thought it was weird. But once she wanted me to come to this church because they were throwing CANDY from the ROOF.

        My mom put her foot down, did her best to explain why: anyone who wants kids that badly shouldn’t use such methods.

        My former friend still uses such methods. Ick.

  2. I quit using fb for this reason. There are people that are detestable, but also the kind who I would hurt by cutting them. I have a special kind of disdain for religious people because of my upbringing, but I couldn’t stand to judge them so I unfriended everyone. Much happier for it… That meme made me gag btw. Gross.

    • That’s the thing…it’s such a fine line sometimes. If a person is religious, that’s their right, but when their posts start suggesting legislation for the rest (anti-abortion laws, etc) it annoys me. I don’t mind people of different political opinions, but when their memes become back-handedly insulting to others who don’t share their view… Okay, and stupidity is really annoying.

      • I have very strong opinions and convictions, and I know others do too. The difference is that I am confident in what I believe, so much that I don’t feel the need to sell them to anyone. It seems like religion should be personal, and if it helps a person it should show through their interactions with others. It’s hard to say you love people when you constantly hate them like Charlie up there. I think it all comes back to Obama.

  3. Your little chat also made of think of the word “badgering”. What’s so wrong about a badger? There not badgering me! I love animals(especially those red ones!) In fact i’m off… i’m off to watch a blu-ray of BBC’s “Life” series. Just started it today and it looks amazing! Hope i see some badgers too!

  4. Watch out with that BBC “Life” series! I’ve just seen a lovely penguin been ripped bare of any flesh by a seal, ending with what was left of it’s little mutilated body sinking to the bottom of the sea. “Approved for all ages” it says on the box…!?

  5. Please my Queen! There is never no need to thank me. The only reason i live, breath and exist, is to serve, honor and hold allegiance to you! And that’s completely satisfying! (You better praise me now and then though… :-|)

  6. And no, as far as i know there doesn’t exist a novel called “The Badger In The Rye” Hhmmm… maybe I should write it? Next time i’ll put on a straight face so you know that i’m joking or making things up… I bet from now on you’re gonna see a LOT of straight faces! 😐

  7. I ask myself the same question every day. I’ve been judging myself rather harshly for the people I call “friend” (at least on Facebook), and am truly starting to think I’d be much happier if I clicked the block and unfriend button, as if to say, “You! Off my planet!”

    • If I have to think this much about it, maybe that should answer my question. But I also don’t want to be a hypocrite who talks about tolerance but can’t tolerate… so, where DO we draw the line???

      • That is precisely why these people are still on my list and pissing me off! However, when I see a comment notification from a specific person and start having anxiety, that’s when they have to go. At that point, I call it self-preservation!

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