You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

J* (my daughter): Milk? Milk?

Hubby:  You want milk???

Me: We don’t have any milk

Hubby: (rolls eyes)

Me: I told you we needed to go to the store!

Hubby: (turns and points at me): Make it so, number one…

Me: Uh… I’m the Captain up in this Bitch!

J* pipes up:  bitch! bitch!

Yes, this conversation just happened.

Our family...full of WIN!

Our family…full of WIN!

26 responses to “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

  1. Sorry, i don’t get this at all. You’re raising your kid to be a little underfed foul mouth and so your family is “full of win”? No, i don’t get this at all… Has to be some sort of typical american humor then… Maybe some day i’ll understand…

    • Seriously? Because we were out of milk, she’s “underfed?”

      And now you’re going to bash Americans?

      If you don’t get the humor in a three year old innocently parroting her parents (or the Star Trek joke), I can’t help ya.

    • Baby is barely three, she had no idea what she was saying. It doesn’t make her a potty mouth, and you shouldn’t assume that her parents weren’t horrified by the mistake.
      I have NO idea where you got the idea she was underfed by this relation of a conversation about who was the one who had to go shopping. At no time does anyone say they aren’t going to go.
      The win part was the Star Trek joke.
      Understand now?

    • Wow… you know nothing of the family and yet you assume they starve their kid and allow her to continue the foul language. Troll much? Oh wait, I’m not sure you’ll understand that term. Do you spend a whole lot of your time stalking people’s social media outlets intentionally looking for reasons to insult them? It seems you might. Get a life and stop fucking with people you don’t know. Maybe “someday you’ll understand” common etiquette. You know that “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” rule. Yeah, study up on that, it should keep you busy for a while.

  2. The avatar you gave me might just say it all. It’s so me. I have a serious problem in that, even when i’m serious, i’m not really very serious. But seriously, forgive me…

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