Oh dear god, not again…

Well, I do believe Facebook knew I got laid last night before I did.

As my very wise friend told me, hubby really needs to monitor my internet privileges after I pop an Ambien.   This shit is getting a little ridiculous.  I got up a few times after taking half an Ambien, either to pee or get a snack.  I even got online….   (Why, oh why did I get online???)  I know better.   I may feel awake.  May even look and sound awake, with the exception of a few weirdly random things that may come out of my mouth.

But I know better.  I know the next day I am likely to remember most of the things I have done the night before only vaguely, as in a twilight sleep dream.  If I remember them at all.  I think I ate a banana with peanut butter and chocolate.  This morning I wondered if hubby and I got it on last night.  This morning, it didn’t seem likely…until I looked at one of my Facebook statuses…


But at the time, I’m guessing whatever I did actually seemed like a swell idea!  I wonder if that was before or after I decided I wasn’t falling asleep quickly enough and took the other half of the Ambien.

Oh well.  Guess I’ll have to have a talk with hubby later about him doing a better job of keeping me from doing stupid shit when I take my medicine.  But at least I can rest easy (haha) knowing I am not the only person this drug effects in strange ways.

(*I do not own these images)

(*I do not own these images)

(*I do not own these images)

(*I do not own these images)

4 responses to “Oh dear god, not again…

  1. I’m sorry about your fb status. I have never taken Ambien, but there is a prescription drug I took one time that caused similar results. I got on fb, which took three days of the wife’s convincing to remember, and changed my status to single, looking for a relationship. I’m not sure what else happened that night, but I learned a valuable lesson; deactivate. This is another thing I would like to keep quiet, like the Obama supporter thing. Shh…

    • Oh dear…
      Well, all I can say was, the damage wasn’t that bad. I just made a goofy passing comment, which I have since deleted. I don’t know who all saw it, but no one commented on it (except my friend to tell me to get hubby in control of my after Ambien FBing.lol)

      • Good thing you caught it… I took a ‘bar’ of Zanax. A friend thought I might relax a little…I did. Seeminly lucid. I am apparently very sensitive to certain drugs. It was crazy.

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