Senile Stalker Has Left the Building

Well, it seems as if this is truly the end of the Senile Stalker Saga.  Those of you who have followed my tales of his many exploits from the beginning are on the edge of your seats , I know.

To begin with, I’ll say I got a long period of peace after my husband finally lost his patience with the Old Man and told him off.  He didn’t talk to me.  He didn’t even look in my direction when he walked by.   Alas, as you may have guessed, eventually he got braver again.  First it was talking to me in the guise of concern for my neighbor *Marie, who had to have emergency surgery a few months ago and was in the hospital.  And then he started sitting outside in his little wooden chair, on his front lawn, no shirt, looking like a candle that’s been left out in the sun all day.  And then a new family moved into the complex (the man and his ex-wife in separate apartments.  The kids are here somewhere too,) and the Old Man and this middle aged guy would sit outside for hours at a time and just bullshit.  And every once in a while he would mosey over and talk to my kid, for my benefit, I guess.  And I’d shoo her away, toward our front door, if I had to.

Not lovely lady lumps...

Not lovely lady lumps…

The other day, my neighbor saw some people moving appliances out of his apartment.  I hadn’t seen him in a few days, but I didn’t figure I was lucky enough that he was moving.

We surmised maybe they were replacing some of his appliances (they only do that here when something finally breaks down and they have to.)

But today, I got the low down along the “apartment complex grapevine…”   My Senile Stalker is gone for good.  (He’s not dead…although another time when I didn’t see him for a few days, I began to wonder.)  But apparently he did harass one female tenant too many and management finally kicked his wrinkled old ass out!

At least Master Roshi is useful...

At least Master Roshi is useful…

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