Eff you, and your righteous indignation…

Man…there are so many hateful people in this world.  I am really starting to hate Facebook for making me so aware of it.  People like to blame all sorts of groups for “the state of the country…”  The Republicans, the Democrats, (Libs and Conservatives), the poor, the blacks, the whites, the illegals…  There is very little left of sympathy or empathy or the milk of human kindness.  SO many people only care about themselves and how things affect them.

The government just cut food stamps…again.  And the house endorsed and extra $500 million in aid to Israel…for missile systems!!!

Could someone tell me why so many people in this country hate our own poor, disdain giving them any help or money because they think it’s just the poor being “lazy” and the gov’t “enabling” them…?

But we can send a shit ton of money to other countries?  Oh, I bet I can…  Because somehow the House sees the money sent to Israel for weapons as a better “investment” than money spent on their own people.

Are we all so busy hating each other, blaming each other (damn lazy poor people,) that we can’t see the gov’t is the one sucking up all our money, screwing up our lives?

Facebook and the internet is really making me start to hate people…worse than I already did.   By all means, let’s cut SNAP aid and welfare money to the US poor….by, dear GOD, don’t let the Panda Cam go offline!!!

"Fuck you, poor person.  We wanna see Pandas."

“Fuck you, poor person. We wanna see Pandas.”


10 responses to “Eff you, and your righteous indignation…

  1. I had to disconnect from it. If I read news, it’s for research and generally not for entertainment. I get plenty of that bullshit vicariously through fb and it makes me sick. One thing that is as bad as hate, are the people who preach fairy tale philosophies that tip-toe around the problems. So much vain energy is spent on nothing that helps anyone, at all. I’m with you on this one. 🙂

      • Facebook is better suited for tens, idiots and self-important preacher types. Oh, and the meme masters. I know people that stay on it for 8-10 hours a day and accomplish nothing, unless you count inbox chats; those can probably get pretty heavy.

  2. The Federal Governments only responsibility is protecting us from foreign invasions and pirates, and not letting states violate the US constitution. After that, it’s the state and city governments to keep us from attacking each other. Then it’s our responsibility to feed the poor and heal the sick, of our own free will.

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