Bad Manners, Bad Meme, and Bad Grammar….

Some brilliant person has done it again…another bad meme on Facebook, and people are passing it around…

Tea Party United

Tea Party United/

I’m not offended at all by people saying “Under God…”

I’m offended that some of them are being such assholes about trying to shove it in EVERYONE else’s faces. Yet they resent having the same thing done to them.

They will try to defend this aggressive (and grammatically challenged) piece of crap by claiming we are a “Christian nation,” and that there is a so-called “war on Christianity.”  Even if it were once true that our forefathers were Christian, it doesn’t mean things don’t change over time.  Even if one religion is a majority in a certain country, it shouldn’t mean they get to shit on other people, and this meme basically says “I don’t give a shit about your feelings, but you better recognize mine!”

But boy don’t they hate it when people do it to them… Suddenly it’s the “war on Christianity!”

And yet, you don’t see me making an aggressive meme out of my opinion or beliefs, all the while indicating that the feelings of others mean nothing to me (“You’re offended?  Too bad…”) and then prompting people to “share it.” Why does it have to be the whole nation under YOUR God?  Are you that insecure?  If you wanna believe it, fine.  You wanna include it in your pledge (it wasn’t in the original draft, by the way...)?  Go ahead.  Just stop your bullshit with trying to make everyone else do things your way.

Awww….you’re offended that not everyone in the country is Christian and therefore may object to being forced to say “Under God?”

Too bad…

8 responses to “Bad Manners, Bad Meme, and Bad Grammar….

  1. I’m offended by the bad grammar. But I would be by anyone who publicises it so virulently. Oh noes! Now I’m a ‘Grammar Nazi!’ Because pointing out bad grammar immediately makes me as bad as a multiply-genocidal political/martial regime. I must be fucking terrible with my occasional ‘hey fix that, you look ignorant’ comments.

    Americans are getting pretty scary with this shite, for ‘realz.’ But I take my Grammar Nazi comfort in the fact that they all seem pretty goddamn stupid when they publish this stuff. ‘Goddamn’ pun intended!

    • Sadly, as I was saying to another reader on another article, it is clearly not just Americans now. Even you mentioned the thing with the UK colleges. And she mentioned Australia. Everyone is ridiculous. They all think they are entitled to something.

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