Rest In Peace, Plutarch

I love all the people slinging shit around Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death. Yes, he was a junkie! Yes, he had small children that needed him. But I all these people judging him like, “He should have just stayed clean…” (really?) are just showing how ignorant they are about the struggle of addiction.
I read in an article recently that, when asked how bad his problem was, he claimed he knew he would die soon if he couldn’t get clean. He tried to get clean, going to AA and rehab more than once. He actually remained cleaned for quite a while, a stretch of (I think) around 20 years. And he clearly was no longer using for the “fun of it.” He was suffering with his addiction, and his story, right up to his “death prediction,” reminds me once again of Layne Staley– another brilliant artist who suffered and lost his battle with addiction.
So I wish people would stop being so damn high and mighty, especially about things I’m betting most of them have never battled themselves. At the very least, if they have nothing “nice” to say, they should just refrain from commenting at all.
The air must be really nice up on that high horse. ~smh

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Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee

13 responses to “Rest In Peace, Plutarch

    • I think it’s natural to be angry… But some people act like because someone had an addiction, their life was worth less or something, and a lot of ppl who have never had to deal personally with addiction look down their noses at people when they have NO idea. They could be in a very similar situation very easily.

      • Yah and how many of them smoke or drink too much or eat too much? All addictions of a MUCH lower level. Well I’ve heard smoking is as hard to kick as heroin, but I never did it so I couldn’t tell you personally. I did coke once. Just once, because I knew immediately I could never ever do it again.

        • Funny you should mention that because my hubby said much the same thing the other night…and he is addicted to cigs and Mt Dew!!! And make no mistake, his habits will prob kill him one day.

    • I know, right? I agree that there are recreational users, but once you hit this level of addiction, that’s exactly what it is…addiction. And some people get hooked on drugs through perfectly legal means, like if they happen to have an injury requiring pain meds (I know a few people who got hooked that way…which is no to say pain meds should be withheld, but it is a real risk.) The mean part of me sometimes half hopes one day those holier than thou types find out what it’s like.

    • I have never been an addict myself, but I have lost people to it and have had very close personal relationships with people who had addiction issues. It is very easy to judge until you experience it firsthand, and I’ve found people have been very free with their judgment and not so free with graciousness and understanding anymore.

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