‘Murica V. America

My regular readers know how much I dislike the hypocritical, intolerant, and generally ignorant memes going around now, so I came up with a rebuttal.  Hopefully it will make some people feel stupid.


'Murica... cuz this is my cuntry...

‘Murica… cuz this is my cuntry…


America...because there were actually people here already when when our ancestors got to "our" country...

America…because there were actually people here already when when our ancestors got to “our” country…

At least the immigrants everyone complains about now aren’t trying to hand out small pox infested blankets or anything.  How dare they want any rights or respect in this country?

18 responses to “‘Murica V. America

  1. I thought of what is going on in UK universities right now, on seeing the first pic. And in that case, I agree with it! Islamists are insisting that lectures be divided by GENDER. No choice to sit with whom you want, and no longer the normal choice of sitting wherever you damn well have to because the room is crowded. What’s next, busses, trains? I hate that. Hate it.

    I actually can’t think of any current event in the US that qualifies for the first pic, please advise me?

    Of course I totally agree with your version. Seems no one remembers what we did anymore. I hear more about how the American Natives were treated from my English and Irish co-workers than I ever did in the states. And yeah, the English ones know it was their ancestors doing the awful deeds, too.

    • I think there is a difference between having your rights respected and accommodations made, and trying to change everything. That said, I think ofit like how some people still insist the pledge is said in schools and we say “under God” and all that stuff. People in OUR OWN country, not just immigrants, have issues with this, but for the …well, conservatives, for lack of a better all encompassing term… it’s not enough that THEY are able to do (or not do) what they want; they want everyone else to have to adhere to their rules as well. I think in the first meme, it is references to have people in schools and public service that speak other languages aside from English, and other accommodations of that sort. No one is telling these conservatives they CAN’T speak English, but they are pissed off that immigrants and non-English speakers even have OPTIONS….

      • Ugh. Right. Because America wasn’t built on the hard working backs of the Italians, Polish, Irish, Germans, and freed slaves from Africa. Fuck those people. America IS a land of many. I can’t express how fucking weird to me that I live in a place where they can say, “yeah, I’m just Irish. Nothing else, just that.”

        Seems to me that there is a massive schism on the way for the USA. It’s been building since GWB days, and those false elections. I cannot wait to see who runs and who wins next go – I think these Tea Party fuckers are in for a big damn surprise. I might give up on the US altogether if I’m wrong, however. It depends on who gets in the running, doesn’t it?

        • I think you are right to some extent. I could be wrong, but if “feels” like after the civil rights movements, we were making progress…around the 80’s/90’s… and then political correctness took over and everyone went in the complete opposite direction…which leads back to intolerance, because now so many people are BITTER about being “forced” to tolerate so many.

        • Right… I think I touched on that with another post recently too… Here’s my take on ALL of it (the UK ,classrooms, the “under god,” everything….)
          It’s fine for people to want accommodation/change to benefit them and their peoples. It is NOT alright if your “rights” start to infringe upon or take away others’. For instance, no one is saying people CAN’T pray in school if they want, you just can’t take away someone’s right to choose by FORCING them to do it. Same with the pledge. If someone told their kids they COULDN’T say the pledge that would be wrong…As wrong as trying to force other kids TO say it. It’s fine if straight ppl don’t agree with gay marriage. They don’t have to be gay or get married. It is NOT fine to try to take away someone else’s right to get married.

          In other words…people need to do themselves and stop minding everyone else’s business.

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