Introductions: Blessings Unleashed

Hello, faithful friends and readers…

Some of you may remember me writing about going to school to become a certified dog trainer and my desire to train service dogs.  Just wanted to take a moment to introduce an organization I am working with right now.  Blessings Unleashed Foundation is a non-profit organization that takes shelter dogs and trains them to be placed with autistic children and their families as service animals.  I have been working on creating a newsletter for the foundation.  There’s not too much up yet, but I hope to be able to add an event to our calendar on the newsletter shortly and there are some doggie facts on there too!

Please, if you have any interest in either dogs or learning about autism, please feel free to visit and share the newsletter.  Within it contains also links to the foundation’s own web page!

Blessings Unleashed, a non-profit organization




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