I am a pitiful excuse for a blogger…

…At least lately.  Deepest apologies to my regular readers/followers.  As some of you may know, I have been without internet since we moved to our new place in August.  In short, I am too poor for it right now.  It’s played hell with my posting frequency.

But it’s been good in other ways.  I have enjoyed the peace and quiet of having extricated myself from most Facebook drama and all the bad news on the internet. While neglecting my writing, I have had more time for my art.

And I have reached Paragon levels on Diablo III.  (Quite an achievement, I know. Haha)

But maybe best of all, recently, I spoke to the director of the local animal shelter and have set up an arrangement with her whereby I will begin to offer free 15-20 minute consultations to people who adopt dogs from the shelter, and then I can give them my business card if they are interested in additional training or advice.  It’s a win-win situation, I think.

But take heart, gentle readers. I have not disappeared forever (as much as some people may wish I would 😀 )

Maybe after tax time or when I am getting steady income from my new business….

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