SDiT Laws

A sort piece I wrote for BUFNews on service dog laws…


Did you know that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does NOT cover service dogs in training (SDiT)?  Trainers of service dogs must look to their individual state’s legislation to see if it bridges the gap between ADA coverage for a service dog and a SDiT. Here’s a helpful resource I found that details laws by state and highlights “SDiT friendly” states.  This is pretty important, as if your SDiT is not allowed the same access to public spaces as a fully graduated service dog, it will take that much longer to properly socialize and desensitize him to all of the situations and places he will need to become a dog capable of passing a Canine Good Citizen test.

And since Blessings Unleashed is based in Kentucky, here is a link to the state laws governing service animals in Kentucky.

Be informed of your rights!

-Kelly- ABCDT

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