Ah, me…

Hi, guys! Sorry I haven’t posted much lately.  Thought I’d stop by and just sorta explain myself to any of my regular readers (bless you guys!) I haven’t been feeling really well lately.  What started as just really bad allergies (super-reactive skin, eyes so dry and itchy I couldn’t wear my contacts, and mild asthmatic episodes) blossomed into hives and swollen ankles, foot pain, and using my inhaler multiple times a day.  I was already taking everything under the sun to control the allergy symptoms- multiple OTC antihistamines, eye drops, NSAIDs .  I finally went to the ER, mostly out of concern that maybe there was a vascular component (I had my reasons.)  They checked my blood and did a chest x-ray, gave me a lot of steroids, a breathing treatment, and a RX antihistamine, and sent me on my way. That week, I had an unrelated doctor appointment, and my blood pressure was high.  Like, really high.  170/120.  It had been high at the ER too, but I don’t know what exactly, just that it set their monitor off.  *blush*.  Some of it may have had to do with the meds I was on.  Apparently, several of them have the side effects of elevated BP, including steroids.  But the situation still needed to be addressed.  I went to my family doc at the end of the week about the breathing issues, (which was the only one of the symptoms I had in the ER that still lingered,) and my BP was bad again, so bad ,my doctor made me take a pill in the office and lay down for a bit.  She put me on three new meds, two for BP and one for what she termed RAD (Reactive Airway Disease) (1, 2.)  Saturday was rough.  I felt crappy.  I chalked it up to getting used to the blood pressure meds.  I also had what I think is acid reflux, and I am wondering which of my meds is the likely culprit.  Sunday, my headache and general shittiness was feeling better but my throat felt like I had swallowed a handful of razor blades…around a lump in my throat. Anyway, I have a call into the doctor to see which med needs adjusting to eliminate the acid reflux, and I no longer have that headachy, drag-ass feeling I had on Saturday.  I feel better knowing my BP is getting under control.  My birthday is this weekend, and I’m only turning 34…so why am I such a hot mess?  All this “sick” and “gross” is interrupting my campaign to be the best (healthiest) me I can be, as I don’t feel much like exercising and am sort of afraid to let my BP go too high until it’s more controlled. I’ve been a bit emotional due to stress and feeling so bad, but I hate how whiny I sound when I talk about all of this…like one of those weird, middle-aged women you sometimes come across in a Walmart or someplace, who, apropos of nothing, regales you with all of their many health issues, all because you had the bad luck to look in their direction or offer a friendly greeting while you both stood in line for your prescriptions. images (2) But…   But.   I keep looking forward.  I will get this situation under control.  I will feel better, and I will get into the best shape of my life.  All this summer!  But for now, I will give myself a little break.

2 responses to “Ah, me…

  1. I often wonder if doctors actually contribute to public health or not. Patching people up, over and over again can’t be any good for the overall strength of the species? I mean, what about natural selection? And then prescribing so many different medicins to one person; doesn’t that make people sick instead of better? Anyway, have a speedy recovery, Alienredqueen. We sure wouldn’t want an Aliendeadqueen…

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