Let’s Have a Gay Parade (and get off my float!)

I am actually having a really hard time with this. It seems cut and dry to me. You can believe what you want, but let others be free to live their lives.
Yet I see some of my “friends” on social media railing against the supreme court decision to legalize gay marriage on the federal level, in all states. People who I know to be basically good-hearted, decent, nice people, are spewing intolerance, claiming to stand for what’s “right.” I can handle them not agreeing with the ruling, but to actually support and/or laud others’ efforts to undermine it and keep gay people from getting married goes too far.  
Who are you to decide what’s right? Don’t tell me “God decided” because we don’t all follow your God, and marriage was around before your bible anyhow. And if you are going by your bible, are you going to ask the courts to stop granting divorces too? Because that’s also a sin according to leviticus…that and about 75 other things these same people probably routinely do, like eating pork! Quick, defend God, ask the supermarkets to stop selling pork!!
But I am not here to change anyone’s mind.  I actually have a question.  Basically, I am left with the question to unfriend or not to unfriend? As I said, some of these people are otherwise some of the nicest people…but the fact that they support taking away other’s rights really does not sit well with me…
Opinions? How have some of my like-minded friends handled this dilemma?

7 responses to “Let’s Have a Gay Parade (and get off my float!)

  1. This is actually something I’ve thought about. I find the majority of political posts on my FB feed to be irritating–even many of the ones I agree with politically. The reason for this is that so much “political” stuff is just regurgitated articles from partisan sources. I find that there’s a lack of ideological consistency among a lot of the loudest posters, who seem to tow either the Republican/Conservative or Democrat/Progressive party line. It’s a bunch of people posting to like-minded people, not to convince anyone of their argument, but to properly display their ideological credentials. It’s all rather sad.

    Having said that, I have NEVER unfriended someone because of his or her political convictions. I never say never, but it’s not something I see happening. If I’m friends with this person, there’s probably a reason for it. This person probably possesses positive qualities which more than make up for their unfortunate political affiliations. And if this ISN’T the case, then the person shouldn’t be your friend in the first place. Dump the loser.

    • Valid point. And for the most part I agree. But a lot of these opinions are not simply “political convictions.” Also, not condoning a behavior is one thing, but actively seeking to repress it is something else. Freedom works both ways, right? Now as to who I post for, I guess my answer would be both. One of the best compliments I can receive is “I never thought of it that way before,” or something similar (which was actually said to me once last week! ). Unfortunately I think you know that is a rarity. I do like to change people’s minds, and with every thing I post I hope that happens, but at the very least maybe I can show my solidarity to my like-minded friend. 🙂

      • “I never thought of it that way,” is a beautiful and all-too-rare response.

        Regarding not condoning vs. actively seeking to repress something. Well, remember that in and of itself, seeking to repress someone else’s freedom is not IN AND OF ITSELF a bad thing (caps not ’cause I’m shouting, but for emphasis). For example, I know that both you and I agree that it is completely justified to restrict the freedom of perverts to molest children. To be clear, I’m not equating being gay (because I think that’s what you’re referring to in the first part of your response) with child molesters, but rather, saying that as a society we restrict freedom all the time, and as such, that might not be the basis on which you weigh the future of a friendship.

        However, while not the basis, it absolutely SHOULD be a factor in your decision. But I think just as important is determining degree. Does this person (or people) think homosexuality is sinful or that gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry? That’s a degree I can live with. Those are not my beliefs, but there are some people for whom I care deeply who do believe that way. They’re entitled to their opinions, and aren’t, actually, restricting anyone’s freedom (except the freedom not to be offended, which doesn’t exist).

        Now, if these people throw around words like “faggot,” and are cruel to people for no reason other than their sexuality, that’s different. That person is a douchebag. And of course, there are lots of degrees across the spectrum. You just have to figure out where your moral compass lands.

        • Yes, we restrict freedoms all the time, but theoretically only to protect and preserve health, safety, or order. I feel there are better words but they allude me at the moment. lol. But pertaining to the molester example, a molester’s so-called freedom to molest would infringe upon the child’s own safety and welfare. The same really can’t be argued (at least not with a straight face) that things like gay marriage (or interracial marriage, which used to be JUST as big a deal for whatever reason) injure anyone, and both parties are consenting adults. But I get ya, and I agree. To an extent, we only have the freedoms the government has allowed us in the first place (I think I totally went there in one of my other articles) and you totally got what I was saying anyway. 🙂 If they don’t believe in gay marriage, I can live with that. Difference of opinion. If they actively try enact/ support measures that attempt to codify that belief , that is harder for me.

  2. Gay used to mean something good, like happy, or joyfull. It’s like Gay (Clark Gable) says in “The Misfits”: “We start out doing something, meaning no harm, something that’s naturally in us to do. But somewhere along the line it gets changed around into something bad”…

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