Finished Four Horses…

A while back I posted some progress pictures of a piece of art, four Horses of the Apocalypse, I was working on for someone.  I realized today that I never posted the final product.  I was working off of a photo my mom found on the internet, but the I kind of gave myself artistic license with the colors.  XD

reproduction © alienredqueen

reproduction © alienredqueen

It turned out okay, but I am pretty critical about my artwork and I can almost always find something I could have done better.  For instance, the colors on this one aren’t blended nearly as well as  “Rosie.”   And these are just photos of a drawing (I don’t have any of that high tech scanner stuff 😉 ) but I guess as long as my mom is happy with it (and I don’t have to look at it all the time), it’s all good.

One response to “Finished Four Horses…

  1. Looks there’s a bit of a separation going on… Like the 2 horses on the left are roaming the “Dark Side” ( so to say), and two horses on the right are “Walking on Sunshine” (as a matter of speech). Don’t know the story, wonder if it’s intentionally or a subconscious display of a split personality; maybe you’ll have to come and lie on my couch some time…

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