Warning: I’m Just ONE Mad Woman (House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood)

Because this can be such an emotional topic, at least in regards to the issue of abortion, I’d like to preface what I am about to say with this:  I have come to the conclusion that is real life sometimes there is no “good” solution.  There is only the best solution for a given person at a given time.  I have thought it over quite a bit myself and while I can definitely see the pro-life point of view, in the end, I can’t get behind one living thing, a person, (the woman), losing her rights in deference to another living thing.  Anytime a woman feels she has to make a choice like this, it’s a hard, shitty choice to make, but I do believe it still should be a choice.

Please feel free to offer an opinion in the comments if you like but keep it civil towards all involved.  Thank you.

I am so mad about this, and I sincerely hope Obama keeps his word and vetoes this piece of garbage legislation. The Republican (Teajadists) certainly balked him at every possible turn. They claim to want to “protect life,” but all they’re actually doing is hurting lower income families and women who can’t afford treatment elsewhere. They are going to take away not only abortion (which is a tiny percentage of what Planned Parenthood does,) but also the health and birth control services, all based on a doctored video and sensational lie (selling babies’ body parts? Really?)  Then, and this is the best part…these same Republican Conservaturds will bitch when they have to support the same low income woman/family who was forced to have a baby they didn’t intend to have and even maybe could have prevented had they had access to low cost and compassionate care offered by Planned Parenthood.

 But..but…they plan to funnel money into other health clinics that don’t offer abortion…

First, all this really amounts to is these Conservaturds trying to make an end run around the law  (because abortion is still a legal option) to push their agenda, by using money/funding to control a woman’s access to a clinic that offers the service of abortion.  Second of all…I call bullshit.  I’ll believe it (them funding other clinics, that is) when I see it.  I bet they will fund “Christian based” health clinics.  They’ll preach abstinence and see if maybe it works this time.  Maybe they can get that little hypocrite Bristol Palin to endorse them.

You can’t even use the argument that you don’t want your tax money going to fund abortion.  Federal money does not pay for abortions unless it is in cases of rape or the mother’s health is at risk. Also nevermind that your tax dollars go to a billion things you don’t know about, and likely wouldn’t agree to if you did.

I really don’t care what rhetoric they use to justify this crap bill; we know what this is really about, and it’s not a baby body-part black market.  The Republican candidates pull out the abortion issue to pander to a certain demographic in the polls (namely the religious and “pro-birthers” ), and an attempt to limit a woman’s sexual autonomy using legislation and pecuniary penalties.  Basically, if they can’t control it, they don’t want to have to pay for it.  In that way, we are still more property than people in their eyes.

Women are not hosts for fetuses and our rights to our person do not cease once we become pregnant.  What Republicans are essentially saying with this legislation is that a woman’s choices/wants cease to matter once she conceives, and that the fetus has more rights than the woman already living and breathing outside the womb.  Since the woman is the only one who has to physically pay (with the loss of her autonomy, according to those who support this bill) for the consequences of unprotected sex, it’s easy for these Conservative men to try to make laws to decide what we are allowed or not allowed to do should we become pregnant.

The fact that there are women who can get behind this legislation is disturbing.  But thank you so much for deigning to speak for the rest of us women when you claim “abortion hurts women.”  No, being forced to carry an unwanted child against your will like a brood sow hurts women!   Let me be clear.  I have a child, and I have also miscarried and lost a baby.  I probably would not have an abortion if I ever did have an unwanted pregnancy.  But I will defend to the death each woman’s right to choose that for herself if and when necessary.

If you are still unsure that there is a Republican war on women, let me ask you, if the roles were reversed and this was a man’s “problem” instead of a woman’s, this shit would never fly because no man would agree to let people tell him what he could or could not do with his own body.  If the same Republican men voting on this had to carry children and endure and experience all that goes along with child bearing and birth, do you think they would EVER allow a bill like this to pass?

In summation…would the people without the vaginas please stop trying to make rules for the people with the vaginas, especially regarding things involving the vaginas?

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