Dear Refugees,

Dear Syrian refugees, Syrian people, because you are more than your circumstances, which are dire right now… internet access is likely the least of your concerns right now, so you may never see this message.

But from me to you, I’m sorry there are some that would make a horrible time for you even more difficult.  Please understand many of them are also driven by fear of terrorism, although nothing so immediate as that which you are fleeing.  I’m sorry about those who would make things difficult with their lack of compassion.  I am a bit ashamed to be an American right now, because these are the people whose voices are loudest right now, and I don’t want you think all Americans are like this. Please know they do not speak for all of us, and there are many people here, regardless of our ethnicity or religion or socioeconomic status (or yours for that matter) who stand by your right to freedom and peace and welcome you in.


An American Woman

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