AlienRedQueen, meet Ripley Wolfwood

Well, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such an instant rush of fury.  As I read the comment, my heart rate sped up and I could feel my hands begin to shake. I actually had a hard time typing my response.

Today I commented on an article about the death of Scott Weiland.  Articles like these sadden me and but also hold interest for me, in this case because his music was a large part of the grunge/alternative scene that made up my adolescence.

Anyway, I commented using my Disqus sign-in , “Ripley Wolfwood.”  You know why “Ripley.” (Hint: it’s another nod to my favorite horror franchise.)  But at the end of my comment I added my blog pen-name.  And this jerk, this utter tool, responds to my comment telling me not to sign with AlienRedQueen like it’s my name, “because it’s not.”

I’ve argued with people online before.  Most of us have.  And I’ve gotten pissed… But I think this may have been a new level of pissed.  I actually felt my blood pressure raise.  Why should I care this much what some random trolling asshat thinks of me? you may wonder.

I think it was the idea that I would claim someone else’s work as my own by signing “their” name, combined with the idea that I was lying about my identity (so could not take credit for my own work) that absolutely and instantly infuriated me.

Is it possible he meant to not use a pen name at all because it was not “my” name?  I guess.  But, that’s almost as ridiculous.  Yeah, cuz everyone wants to use their real names online all of the time.

Perhaps a nice rebuttal from this page claiming my Disqus pen name will help.  Because now, for some reason, I can’t even respond to the guy; my rebuttal comment keeps magically disappearing.  Three times I posted tryin to explain that ARQ and Ripley Wolfwood are in fact the same person… me.  Three times the comment disappeared within a minute or two.

So, finally, to the commenter who thought they were “calling me out” or what the fuck ever, try to think before you type and make yourself look like a douchebag.



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