I am a liberal.

I am a liberal.  It’s not a dirty word.

I believe in equal rights for everyone, regardless of color or sexuality, and I don’t believe people getting those rights, or even forming affirmative action groups to facilitate those rights, in any way detracts from the rights you’ve always had and taken for granted.

I believe if the government/tax payers do not want to have to fund any part of women’s reproductive health, and believes a woman is solely responsible for her own birth control, then only she gets to decide what to do with an unwanted pregnancy, should one occur.  The argument that any fetus is “part his” goes out the window unless the responsibility of not becoming pregnant is also “part his.”  It’s not a hard concept.

I believe in feminism as the idea that women should have the same rights as men.  Real feminism, much like liberalism, is misunderstood.  Just because something empowers one group does not mean it has to threaten another.

I am a liberal.

I like to shoot guns and I don’t want your guns taken away. I do believe gun owners should be strickly liable for the whereabouts and use of their firearm at all times, even if they voluntarily lend it to someone. Perhaps then they will be more choosy in how they secure it and to whom they lend it.

I believe in helping the less fortunate, not just when it benefits me, or when it won’t cost me anything.  I believe in helping the poor, even if it means welfare, and I believe in helping the homeless, veterans, and refugees.  I even believe in helping illegal immigrants if they are children, because no child deserves to suffer for any reason.  I’d rather my taxes go to that than a Congressman’s salary or the interest on the national debt.

I am a liberal.  I am also an atheist. I don’t hate Christians and if you say Merry Christmas, I will gladly smile and say it back.  I believe if you can express your religion without fear of reprisal or death, you have religious freedom.  Just because you can not restrict others’ rights based on your religion, or force other people to say “under God” in the pledge does not mean there is a war on your religion.  It means you live in America, where everyone, not just Christians, have freedom of religion.

I am a liberal. I am not your stereotypical “extreme liberal,” and most of us aren’t. I am not intolerant of Conservative views unless they violate another person’s rights.  Again, let me reiterate, your inability to trample the rights of others does NOT constitute a war against you.

I am intolerant of hatefulness and intolerance. And to anyone who knows me personally, if you think that is a bad thing, instead of “agreeing to disagree,”maybe we should part ways.


 A political theory founded on the natural goodness of humans and the autonomy of the individual and favoring civil andpolitical liberties, government by law with the consent of the governed, and protection from arbitrary authority.


1. the quality or state of being liberal, as in behavior or attitude.
2. a political and social philosophy advocating individual freedom, representational forms of government, progress and reform, and protection of civil liberties.  (source)


14 responses to “I am a liberal.

  1. Okay, so liberalism ISN’t the philosophy that governmental power should be bestowed liberally. I advocate individual freedom with all my soul, and I love everyone. I believe in protecting only negative rights. I must have been told the wrong definition of liberalism. I am not intolerant of anything UNLESS they violate others rights. Maybe we both had the same political philosophy, but I called it conservatism, and you called it liberalism. I am liking this article, I will unlike it if you believe in redistribution of wealth through force.

    • WHatever definitions I copied are exactly that; copied and pasted. Not sure where you got your first sentence. That didn’t appear anywhere in my article. I don’t believe of redistribution of wealth at all, but I believe in paying taxes and actually looking at the way wealth in this country is accrued. I also believe in helping the less fortunate. There’s no reason except gouging that some things cost so much in this country, like medical care. for instance. It just means insurance and drug companies are turning massive profits while people suffer. If you don’t agree with THAT, feel free to “unlike” the article. However, thank you anyway for reading and commenting.

        • It’s unclear to me what you even just said. Delegate responsibilities? You mean who pays what in taxes? That’s kind of the point of electing officials to represent us in the government isn’t it? To vote the way we want in regards to taxes and public policy, etc. Doesn’t matter anyway because they only represent their lobbyists now. Yes, I support single payer public health care, ESPECIALLY if it keeps insurance companies and drug companies from being able to ratchet up prices obscenely. It’s not an infringement of free enterprise, it’s a protection of the people from crony capitalism. I don’t know how I can be any more clear… We get precious little discretion in what any of our tax money goes to, (and as a hint) most of it isn’t “welfare for illegals and lazy bums…” so part of my identification as a liberal has to do with the fact that you will never hear the words “Sure, I support *such and such* as long as I don’t have to pay for it.”

          • Trying to protect people from crony capitalism through force IS an infringement on the free market.

            P.S. I don’t have the typical dumb conservative stereotypes about poor people being lazy and liberals wanting to make other people give charity, and not themselves. I believe in charity, even towards those who made themselves poor, and those who are making very visible sins.

          • Well, I guess we will just disagree on that first point. At least, I think there is “force”, and then there are laws. I don’t see a policy change as “force.” Some people will always take advantage of others if there are not rules in place to prevent it. Just look at that douchebag guy who got the patent for that anti-fungal that is commonly needed especially for children and AIDS patients. He promptly raised the price, what, %5000 percent, with no regard to the harm it would do to people who could no longer afford it. and only because of greed. He only agreed to lower the price again under the backlash he recieved. Thanks for the comments.

          • That’s really not the point. I believe if we can’t trust people to be do the right thing or not to gouge/cheat others then we need laws in place to protect others who have no recourse. Do you realize stuff like this costs people their lives??? I don’t know what your situation is, but by the tenor of your arguments, I wonder if you’ve ever had to pay a $50 co-pay for an asthma inhaler you need to breathe! My husband works in a pharma warehouse and I know for a fact much of the medicine costs mere cents to manufacture per pill, and the mark-up that occurs is outrageous. You won’t change my mind on this, and I likely will not change yours, but the bottom line is, that guy who bought that patent and hiked the price, like so many other greedy capitalists, could still turn a profit without raking others over the coals. There is a reason that more Americans than ever had secondary educations and yet the majority of the US is no longer “middle class.”

          • If he didn’t invent it, then no one would be cured from it. Probably his motivation for inventing it was to get lots of money. If there were laws that he had to have an affordable price or something, he might have not had enough motivation. In a free market, you give people what they want, and they give you what you want, and both people benefit.

          • That doesn’t make any sense. The patent in question was for a medication that’s an anti-fungal commonly used to treat children and AIDS patients. As you are well aware I am sure, small infections can be a big problem for AIDs patients. How many people would have to die because they can’t get the meds they need or what they can get doesn’t work, because of this douchebag? Many people in America are caught in the no man’s land between being too poor to afford necessities, but making “too much” to qualify for care. That’s where medicaid expansion came in. I have benefitted from that myself. Currently I am on 6 different maintenance medicines for various things, most chronic. I would never be able to afford all my meds without help now, between the way privatized insurance is run and drug companies hike up prices. The point is, I don’t know what world you live in where the equation of free market is as simple as “you give what they want and both benefit,” but it ain’t here!

          • Seriously? Patents expire and can be bought by anyone after that. Holding a patent doesn’t necessarily mean you are some great inventor. Patents require fees to keep up as well.

  2. Oh, THAT is Liberalism!? I always thought they were those people who don’t like to wear clothes and run around naked all the time! Thanks for clearing that up, Alienredqueen!!

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