I seriously don’t know whether to laugh or cry right now. Things have not been going to plan this past week for my family.  We probably won’t get the house we had planned to buy (settlement was for next week!)  Some new medical bills cropped up and I am feeling pretty stressed financially.  Add to that all the little things here and there that have been bringing me down.  Yesterday, I went to put in an almost brand new pair of contacts and one was ripped.  My contacts are pretty expensive and that was my last pair.  I so don’t need this right now…

So today I was boiling some eggs and I heard the water bubbling around a lot so I went in to turn it down a bit, and there, bubbling in the water, was this little stuffed chick I got from my Mom many, many years ago. It “cheeps” when you cover the the contact points on the bottom.  It was some easter thing with felt rabbit ears on it.  I had passed it on to my daughter a while back.  Last week or the week before, I caught the dog chewing on it.  One ear was toast and half of it was slobber covered, but I managed to salvage it.  It even still peeped!

No such luck today.  I pulled the soaking, steaming chick out of the boiling pot by the tiny patch of still dry fur.  When I tried to dry it off with a towel (carefully, because it was still hot as balls,) it issued some weak “cheeps” and sat there steaming, looking pitiful.  Now it just buzzes desultorily.

A chick…in the water…with boiled eggs…  This sort of reflects my life right now.  Cheep.  Fuck.

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