Update on Methos

I’m just going to copy and paste the update I put on FB.  This weekend has been exhausting and I am going to give the cat his meds and go to bed.

Yesterday was a long and exhausting day, and the outcome was not as positive as I was hoping. My beloved boycat Methos has an enlarged heart and fluid in his chest; essentially he is in early congestive heart failure, resulting froma  condition called HCM. They put him in an oxygen tent to help him breathe better and wanted to keep him overnight, but ( I will be completely frank because I know no other way) we could not afford the $1000 deposit, so they gave him more oxygen and because his distress is only mild right now, they gave him lasix to help get rid of the fluid on his chest and they allowed us to take him home. I asked the vet repeatedly because I wanted to be perfectly clear, if there is a chance that medication could manage the condition but to find out we need the echo of his heart to find out what kinds of meds would benefit him most. I want to give him this chance. IMG_4304.JPG I will call first thing tomorrow morning to set up a echo before we make a final decision. Thanks to everyone who has commented, contributed or shared our GoFundMe. If you can help, even a tiny bit, we appreciate it more than you know; if you can’t, do me a small favor and share this post. Right now I’m beyond pride; I just want to save my daughter’s best furry friend.

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    Please, help Methos. My friend would never have asked for help herself. Someone else who loves her made the GoFundMe. If you can’t give a little, please share. I give my own guarantee this is a real person who honestly does need a helping hand.

  2. Alienredqueen, my cat has this same condition (since May 2015). I’ll be sending a little more to the Gofundme this week when I make my deposits. I remember all too well how his initial attack cleaned out my wallet. I want you to know my guy had rough ups and downs for some time and the thing that has really stabilized him is a drug called Pimobendan. If it has not already been offered to you bring it up – it strengthens the heart muscle, which seems counterintuitive since in HCM they usually want to relax the stroke, but for some reason it gets the job done right. It’s mostly a dog drug right now, which is why I’m thinking you might have to ask, but it worked well for Torvald when his previous drug combo did not keep him nearly as stable. He is on Lasix, Pimobendan, Atenolol, and generic Plavix (the real Plavix costs the earth but a vet pharmacy can fix you up with the cheaper stuff). The Plavix is in case the irregular heartbeats lead to a clot, of the four drugs I would guess it’s the one probably least essential if cost is a problem.

    • Thank you so much, for the info and for helping out! I will write the name of the drug down. I know Atenolol was mentioned (I am on that myself, as heart problems run in my family, and I’m only 35!) And I figured he’d always need the Lasix. Do you think an aspirin regimine could help prevent clots ? How often does your furbaby get Lasix now?

      • He gets a half of a 12.5 mg tab every twelve hours. Before the Pimo, we kept having to up it until he was on over two whole pills a day and it was killing his kidneys, he nearly starved from the nausea of kidney failure. Now he hollers for food every few hours. A tiny amount of aspirin was his original clot prescription — we had it made up in a liquid by a mail order vet pharmacy called Wedgewood that does business online. But aspirin is also tough on the kidneys and that’s why they switched. It is much cheaper than Plavix. If he hadn’t had so much Lasix and an ACE inhibitor for a while, both hard on kidneys, he might have remained able to tolerate the aspirin, which was given twice a week.
        This is my post from his first sick night, and there are many others about him, both scared and happy. Also, he is a dick. Just so you know.

        • Aren’t all cats? I have several posts about Methos as well. He’s a jackass. Once he sat on my coffee cup. Like, ass on the rim of the cup, covering the whole mouth of the cup. lol

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    I am sorry that money is keeping the needed medical care from your special friend. I really hope we can keep the fund going and raise enough money to cover the medical treatment and the medications. I have been in the situation you are in. We had a cat we loved and had saved from abuse. George ( his name ) went into seizures and we rushed him to our vet. In the space of two days he went in and out of seizures. We kept putting the mounting bills on our credit cards. Our vet said they couldn’t help him unless we had more tests and scans which cost us more and more money. We were fast running out of funds, but felt we had to help anyway we could. We loved him. So we kept putting the costs of his care on the credit cards. He died after three days, after the last tests said nothing would help and only measures to make his ending easier. He died after three days of the best care the veterinarian could give and he had every chance because we basically overloaded our credit cards. For the three days we had them fight to save him, it took us four to five years to pay the debt off. We understand the tremendous costs, the intense love for the pet, and the sinking feeling you will run out of money before they have the chance to get better. The idea that you could do something if you could only afford it haunts every one of us of limited means who has a pet get ill. It haunted us and we were lucky. Today we do not have the resources we had then. If our two beloved cats got ill now we wouldn’t be able to get them the care we did for George. So I understand the heartache of the family here. I would ask you to think of giving even a few dollars if you have not given. It hurts so much to see them sick and not be able to help. Thank you. Many hugs to the family, many best wishes to Guardian cat. Hugs

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so sorry you have been though this yourself. We lost our older girl about four years ago, and had similar issues. Diagnosing requires so many extra tests, and by time I was on my way to getting a second opinion she literally died in my lap on the way there. As you alluded to, even if we can’t save them, we are haunted by not being able to spare their pain. But I am hopeful because of people like you, and Methos is eating today and just jumped up on the desk beside me. ❤

      • I am sorry about the older girl and I take comfort that she was able to be with you when the time came. That always seemed to make ours feel better, and so did we. I am so glad Methos is eating and feeling better. It is wonderful. How did you come to the name Methos? I have heard it before but can not remember where? Be well. Hugs

          • Oh Yes. Now I remember . I loved that guy. Adam Pierson was the name he hid under. Yes now I know where I remembered it from. Loved that show totally. Thanks. Let’s hope your Methos has some of that same immortality. Hugs

    • Hi, Scottie. Wasn’t sure if the news had trickled down, so I thought I’d pop in and give you an update. Methos had his echo and his doctor said his case of HCM is fairly mild and he only needs to take Atenolol. (He doesn’t even require a drug for preventing blood clots, which was one of our concerns. ) He will continue to take his Lasix as well. He will likely need at least the Atenolol for the rest of his life, and he needs to have another echo in six months but hopefully once he is medicated, his heart should start functioning better. He is already getting back to his old self! I will gladly weather the vet bills as long as my cat is still around too ❤ ❤

      • OH Thank you. No I did not get the message. I love it. I really do ! It is grand. Having lost far too many that we rescued, to have one live and be saved is grand! I want to post a whole update on him and of you guys on my blog. Will you write it? IF you will you can email it to me at Scottiestoybox@gmail.com or put it on your blog and let me know and I will reblog it. This is wonderful news. I am so thrilled. Oh how is he for taking his meds? Are they pills. We have one that will take pills no problem, the other will not no matter what. Hugs

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