Facebook mods “cancel” any remaining integrity

So I just came off a three day ban for this post. Facebook called it “hate speech”. oh the irony, that one of the very people that I was talking about in the post, privileged people that complain about cancel culture whenever other people are caught being racist or sexist or otherwise inappropriate,( you know the same ones that call everyone else snowflakes) was probably who reported me for this post. So they were trying to cancel my post about cancel culture? 🤣 That part’s kind of funny, but what really pisses me off is that for the last four and a half years Facebook has made money off of allowing White supremacists and ALT right news to proliferate on their site. They’ve done fuck all to curb it, or the blatant racism feed lies these groups espouse, and in the past have allowed that outright violent rape threats did NOT violate their TOS (I know this from personal experience, and I know other women who have experienced the same) and they’re part of the reason we ended up with Trump in office. Now-NOW -they’re trying to shut the Barn door after the horses are already out, and they’re censoring people for mild shit like this if some butthurt snowflake reports it. Convenient FB should cover their asses now by stifling people like me, who actually demand culpability for hate speech from those who defend it by making excuses like ” cancel culture.” My best guess is because my post said “white” people, although I don’t consider holding a demographic responsible for their privilege the same as hate speech; it’s just a fact that Cis white people have privilege in America that people of color and other minorities don’t, so what others view as consequences, people of privilege view as “political correctness” or “cancel culture.” It’s a refrain that I, as a privileged white person myself, I’m tired of hearing, so I know that other people born with less privilege have to be tired of hearing it too. For my part, I’m going to keep trying to be an ally to the marginalized and use my own privilege for any good I can, and I’m thinking to try to be humble when someone calls me on my own unintended slights. In sorry, I am going to keep being my loud, outspoken, pain in the ass self, Facebook mods be damned.

Edit: 3/23 My friend had an anti- Nazi post banned because it drew uncomfortable parallels to modern white supremacy. Let that sink in. An ANTI Nazi / white supremacy post got him in trouble with fb mods

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