The term “cancel culture” can die now.

Apparently the right’s big strategy for the 2024 election is going to be Dr Seuss, Mr Potato Head, and voter suppression. The worst part is, lately people are simple and petty enough that it might work.Now I’m seeing conservatives post things about Aunt Jemima and how “liberal bedwetters” are taking away her legacy or something because product packaging is changing. Tell me a single conservative knew a god DAMNED thing about this woman or gave a damn about her until, the company decided to take her face off the product. The story about the Aunt Jemima character is mostly fiction, by the way. Now that they can use it as something to piss and moan and blame liberals about, suddenly they care about this long dead, black woman’s legacy? All the while still making excuses for why it’s not a problem black people are still getting shot by cops every other week. This whole thing is getting ridiculous, but the WORST part of this whole thing is watching these whiny ass Republicans that have been canceling people who didn’t toe their line for years, but suddenly have a problem with cancel culture when it suits their need to fire up their base. Remember when Sinead O’Connor got canceled because she ripped up a Bible on stage? Remember the Dixie Chicks got a little too political and the Republicans made sure they got canceled too.But apparently canceling people for making racist remarks or getting caught having been sexually inappropriate to somebody is too much for them. Remember Kaepernick? I know you remember him because half of you were bitching and moaning about it yourselves, like him kneeling for the national anthem was the literal end of the world, and worth ruining his whole career over. But now y’all are butt hurt about cancel culture? I say this with every fiber of my soul, and without a shred of doubt…go fuck yourself.

“Oh no, liberals are trying to cancel dogs!”

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