A quick word about the sham that is the Rittenhouse trial

I’m not possessed of all the information that the jurors will be possessed of regarding the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. That said, I still can’t believe that there are people that are supporting this kid. This is not about the right to bear arms. It’s already established by law that he does not have that right, being under 18. (1) The fact that the judge tossed it out over a loophole about barrel size (2) seems ridiculous given the circumstances, specifically his going out of his way to look for trouble across state lines. A person doesn’t open carry an AR-15 if they’re not trying to make some sort of statement. He wanted his gun to be seen, and he wanted to intimidate people.

A lot of people keep trying to say this isn’t about race because the victims were white. Firstly let’s be clear, they were victims (although the judge in his infinite wisdom made the obviously biased decision to not allow them to be referred to as such, but to allow them to be referred to by such inflammatory terms as “looters” and “rioters.” I guess innocent until proven guilty doesn’t apply to protesters.) Second of all, they were BLM protesters, gathering in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting. So that automatically takes them out of “victim” status according to a lot of these gun nuts. You don’t have to take my word for it, all you have to do is find any social media page where there are “discussions” being held about Black Lives Matter. Make no mistake, a these people support Kyle Rittenhouse because they are against BLM. No other reason. A lot of the more vocal people on the right automatically paint all BLM protesters (the majority of which are actually peaceful,) as scum, regardless of what goes on at the rally. Seriously imagine this kid was at a Kenny Chesney concert, or for that matter if the roles were reversed and he had gone across state lines with a firearm he had no right to have in his possession, looking for trouble at a alt right or Trump rally. He’d be crucified by these same people tripping over themselves to defend Kyle Rittenhouse. JS.

I’m sick of the state of this country, I’m sick of all the hate, but most of all I’m sick of the deliberate ignorance, the deliberate refusal to see the casual and systemic racism in this country simply because it paints an ugly picture, or it doesn’t affect you personally. People like this juxtapose the “I don’t see race” card with things like “heritage not hate,” and then practically froth at the mouth to keep that “heritage” and its long reaching consequences from being taught as critical race theory in schools. Well, guess what, if you want to “celebrate” your heritage, you have to acknowledge the ugly side of it. You don’t get to have it both ways.

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