Why I’m not handling this well…

Every since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and subsequent trigger laws in a myriad of states, I’ve been extremely angry, and more frustrated with the direction of this country than ever. And the worst part is that I know that the few pro-life people left in my life probably don’t understand why. Maybe they never will, and that is also extremely frustrating. I feel disrespected. I feel dismissed. I feel dehumanized. I am extremely prickly at the prospect that I literally have no choice but to be an incubator if I got pregnant now (despite my best efforts, because no birth control is 100%, but in America, only the woman carries the physical toll (as well a society’s implicit judgement) of failed prophylaxis. Which is why it infuriates me even more when pro-life men (non-uterus having men, that is to say) give their completely unwanted, tone deaf, and ultimately irrelevant opinion on the topic. It’s easy for them to dismiss our feelings and concerns and feel morally just and superior because a forced pregnancy and birth could literally never happen to them. But I’m a grown ass married woman that deserves to be able to have sex for pleasure just like men can, without the prospect of being saddled with the physical or emotional toll of carrying and birthing another child at this point in my life.) One could say I’m having a hard time with this, and if that seems like an “overreaction” or silly to the prolife people in my life, then my gut reaction is they are not friends of mine. They may think their pro-life memes are harmless because they’re not directed at anyone in particular, but the pro-choice women in your life, the women that are hurting right now, they see you. Millions of women just got told a partially formed nonviable fetus that relies on their body for continued existence is now more worthy of rights than they are and I doubt I’m the only one not taking it well.

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