Comment, Etiquette, and Sharing Policy

  1. Be respectful. Don’t use abusive language (directed AT anyone).  When commenting, please show some respect for the blog, blogger, and fellow readers. You are welcome to speak your mind and I welcome constructive criticism, however, if you flame me or another reader, your comment will be deleted.  
  2. Be succinct.
  3. Be contributive. Comments like “hey! great post,” while appreciated, will probably not be approved in abundance if they do not add anything in terms of discussion.  (If you like a post but don’t really have anything to add, feel free to click “LIKE” though so I know!)
  4. Please be careful when linking. Link only to related articles in the comment field. Please do not comment on my blog just to “advertise” or link back to your blog.  If I or someone else likes what you have to say, we can click your name or avatar to visit your profile/blog.   Any ‘spammy’ links or comments containing said links will be deleted.

Lastly, I do not wish to impinge on anyone’s right to an opinion or free speech (or whatever), but I do reserve the right to keep my blog a pleasant and comfortable forum. Thank you!

Photo Sharing:

Most photos on my blog are general public use photos, creative commons, or public domain images acquired from Google or some public domain source.  Feel free to use these images.

However, images that are clearly my own, either photographs or images of artwork I have done, or images that are marked as copyrighted to AlienRedQueen should be cited and linked back to this site.

Thank you.

*Furthermore, theft of any written material will be addressed aggressively.