Monday Mid Day Haiku (a day late)

Some of my regular readers know I like using everyday experiences and stupid shit I think about as material for haiku. ¬†Enjoy.ūüėČ

Driving in the rain

Hey Dumbass, slow Down.
It’s raining, the roads are wet,
You drive a box truck.


Lemon piece of shit
I’ve only made three payments
Don’t you know I’m poor?

Dopey Dog

Slurping your water
I’ve never met a dog¬†who
Chokes on his water




To my regular readers:

Sorry I haven’t been around much. ¬†Doing so much bitching about the Trump fiasco I don’t even have anything left for a blog post. ¬†Haha.

But also, I am up to my perverbial buttcrack in NaNoWriMo and I am really trying to finish this novel…for myself, because this is the most I have been able to write in a while.
Wish me luck!
See you soon!

“Divisive” Politics

I have a lot to say.  Well, I have a lot on my mind, especially with this latest revelation, bringing us one step closer to imminent Trump-ocalypse; a leaked audio of a deeply disturbing variety.
Just as expected, Trumps supporters are falling all over themselves trying to soft-peddle and down play what essentially amounts to Trump caught on a live mic bragging about using his social position to sexually assault women with ease and impunity.

Frankly it’s¬†astonishing the number of people dumb enough to equate forcible sexual assault with someone’s chosen participation in¬†leisurely kink or porn consumption. ¬†You are making the rest of us more stupid simply by breathing our air. Go away.

It’s like I said to someone earlier today, I don’t even know how to relate to some of these people anymore. ¬† Like, I am not trying to be a dick, but when, in the face of behavior like this, people are still making excuses, still defending this “candidate,” still insisting¬†Hillary is “just as bad,” I just don’t know how their inner logic works. ¬†So instead of going into all of that, trying to lay out arguments and reason with these people and understand them, I’ll just get straight to the point.
People talk about how “divisive” this election is, how divisive bipartisan politics have become, as if it’s some great conspiracy to “distract us from more important things.
First of all, it will always BE divisive, so long as you have a group who feel that their “traditional family values” and religion should dictate legislation for EVERYONE. When you attack people on a fundamental level for who they are and threaten their identity and bodily autonomy ¬†by forcing them to live by your “values”, it makes for “divisive” politics. ¬†When you have a group that uses legislation to attack¬†minorities and queer folk,¬†penalize¬†immigrants, citizens, atheists, Muslims, control ¬†woman’s bodies in regards to reproductive decisions (or any decision), you are creating a very antagonistic and divisive situation. ¬†You are attacking people’s fundamental state of being.
Now, you have a Trump, a man who has taken all of these divisive sentiments and magnified them. He disdains blacks, he disdains Mexicans, he disdains immigrants, he disdains (and abuses) women. And he’s making campaign promised based on these divisive ideas. ¬†He is unashamed to say it! He is actually galvanizing all of the hateful people in this country, making them less afraid to be loud, self-righteous bigots .

What defense will the rest of us¬†have from discrimination and injustice and hate if the person in our nation’s highest office can say these things with impunity?

So, yeah, this election is “divisive.” ¬†It’s divisive as shit, and the more people who try to close their eyes and ears to the hate being heaped on the rest of us, the more divisive it’s gonna be.

The Privilege of Selfishness

Sitting safely behind your computer screen, pissed about someone sitting for an anthem, while simultaneously supporting the vote¬†to block refugees from other countries who are just trying to escape terrorists and war…

The epitome of American and white privilege.

The other day a friend posted about an alleged Bureau of Land Management decision to slaughter over 65000 wild horses to make more room for cattle. Whether or not this is true, what struck a nerve for me (that is putting it waaaaay lightly) was the person who commented on the post bitching about how our government should be spending money to save those horses “instead of the Muslim scumbags” coming over from Syria, because the horses “actually deserve it.”

Let that sink in for a moment.

America, a “proud Christian nation.” ¬†Does that sound like someone you’d want to be associated with as an American? ¬†Does it sound very “Christian?” ¬†Disgusting, is what it is. ¬†I love animals, I do, but clearly this person’s love for animals is not as strong as their hate for other people.

Nope.  No problem here.

How very progressive…Nope. No problem here.

Bear with me, because I coming back around to Koepernick. ¬†You may not like how he protested, but¬†it’s his right as an American and he isn’t hurting anyone. ¬†I wish the same Americans pissed about a man sitting during a frickin’ song,¬†signing petitions to get the player kicked off the team, put half as much energy into speaking out against the George Zimmermans¬†and the Brock Turners of this nation. ¬†And¬†the rest of us who can see past our own fucking noses can’t even speak out against them for you¬†without having to hear all the apologist ( and at its core, racist/sexist ) victim blaming and being called “libtards” or some other equally uninspired epithet.¬† The bottom line is Americans are becoming selfish (or maybe they are just more vocal about being selfish now that they have that great orange baboon’s¬†ass¬†for a mascot.


photo source Union Thugs

You may not like how Koepernick¬†protested, and that’s your right… but¬†it’s his right, as an American, to do it, and he isn’t hurting anyone. ¬†Unlike Brock Turner or George Zimmerman.

I suggest you people (you know who the fuck you are, because even you don’t believe your pseudopatritotism deep down) get your priorities straight and get your fucking head on straight. ¬† People need to stop acting like America is the only civilized nation, the only “great” nation, because to others outside looking in, we look like a bunch of gun-toting bullies.

I’m not gonna lie. ¬†I love the idea of America, what it represents, but right now, we are moving farther away from that ideal, not closer, and it’s only when we defend the rights of those fundamentally different from us that we realize that ideal.


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Why Trump is not “The Lesser Evil”

To people who consider Trump “the lesser of two evils…”

Let me say this passage was initally written in response to a friend’s “reasons” for supporting Trump over Hillary. ¬†Some of the statements address remarks that she made specifically, so, I may paraphrase some of my friend’s remarks to provide context, but I feel like even without specific context, my reactions are applicable to common reasons you hear Trump supporters express.

Here goes…

I understand you don’t trust Hillary. ¬†I don’t 100% trust her myself. ¬†She’s a politician, for one, and sometimes she seems sneaky. ¬†But that said, I don’t see how Trump¬†is the “lesser of the two evils” by any stretch of the imagination.

It just seems like¬†Democrats want to railroad Trump, but forget every single one of Hillary’s transgressions¬†for the last 40 years.

I think this is a gross generalization born of emotion, not fact. Democrats don’t need to railroad Trump because to us, he does a fine job himself. ¬†Every time he opens his mouth, he betrays his bigotry, playing to other people’s hatred.

Well, what about Saul Alinsky, the child rapist that she laughed about getting off because she made the girl question her own story?  That girl was 12!

You talk about Hillary “laughing” about a man getting away with a pedophilic crime, yet you’re willing to support a man who likely commited one ? It makes no sense.¬†At any rate, that statement is not strictly factual either. Hillary defended him, because that’s what a defense attorney’s JOB is. She did not volunteer to be the his lawyer, she was appointed. Even if she made a plea or helped get him acquitted, I doubt she found anything funny about it.¬†She didn’t try to smear the victim, but again, as a lawyer, it is her job to question the veracity of the accuser. ¬†Yet Republicans are willing to believe this portrait of her as a soulless advocate for a pedophile just¬†to justify voting Trump, who may actually BE a pedophile, and has had more than one allegation of sexual assault.

What about when she called black men “Superpredators?”

The black “superpredator” thing is funny to me because it’s something Republicans seize on while simultaneously defending and making excuses for officers like the ones who murdered Alton Sterling. ¬†Even people who claim not to be racist make apologist remarks, saying that if these black men didn’t “live the life they do” or they “weren’t criminals” they wouldn’t be dead.

Also, this statement, that was like 20 years ago. Is a person not allowed to grow in 20 years? I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, I am not the person I was in my 20’s. I was a lot more Conservative in my 20’s. ¬†In fact, I used to be one of the those apologists. I didn’t know better. I certainly do now.

Well, what about taking money while Secretary of State for the Clinton foundation, from countries that kill gays and Christians and oppress women and then doing favors for them?

Firstly, all of a sudden, Republicans, as a party, care about gays? This is news to me. ¬†I guess they care more when they are using them as an excuse to justify hating Hillary, than when they are trying to keep them from getting married or eating in restaurants run by Christian people. ¬†And women. ¬†They care about women? ¬†The same women whose healthcare they don’t want to pay for and whose bodies they think they have the right to legislate? ¬†Trump actually mentioned how women who get illegal abortions should be punished. ¬†I know on the surface, it seems benign enough. ¬†You break a law, you get punished. ¬†Only to me it’s more akin to saving a person who attempts to commit suicide only to charge them for the “crime.” ¬†Now you have people who continue to attempt to¬†strip Planned Parenthood, to take away many preventative options for health and unwanted pregnancy ¬†(options they may not personally need, so they assume no one should need them,) and then take away options for dealing with said unwanted pregnancy, all the while bitching about “supporting poor welfare bums with too many kids.” ¬†Well, fuck those people very much.

Additionally, I wonder how many abortions Trump has personally paid for over the course of his life and how many illegitimate Trump spawn are running around out there. ¬†Just speculating…

As to the favors to these “gay and women hating” countries, do you honestly think Hillary is¬†the only politician that makes deals with the devil? Shit, Reagan helped fund the Taliban! Every single one of them make questionable deals, often based more on economic reasons than moral ones¬†. Every. ¬†One. ¬† And Trump would be no different.

In fact he’d proabbly be worse. For me the bottom line is¬†that¬†Trump is inciting more violence and race hate (something the Republicans accuse Obama of again and again,) all the while voting in policies that uphold social race and sex disparities. ¬†Some people think Trump will be good for the country because he’ll “run it like a business.” Trump is not even a good businessman, so if he ran the country like he runs his businesses, we’ll be in the toilet in short order. Nevermind¬†the fact that a fundamental point to remember about business is that most businesses do not really care about their employees, they care about the bottom dollar. If America is run like a true business, most of us middle and low class scum¬†(speaking of¬†things candidates said a long time ago) are¬†expendable assets.

I say all this as respectfully as possible, but regardless of how you feel about¬†Hillary’s¬†classified documents issue, the government is not pressing charges. In the case of the alleged rape of the minor (Trump),¬†the statute of limitations for criminal charges is passed, but child rape is a crime of morality I can not overlook. If it’s a choice between a hate preaching pedo and someone who was ¬†wreckless with classified documents , I’ll take the second. Every time.


Readers, please feel free to comment respectfully.  Trolling (especially by Conservatives :p) will not be tolerated.

See the below article for all sorts of other¬†facts and shit…

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I seriously don’t know whether to laugh or cry right now. Things have not been going to plan this past week for my family. ¬†We probably won’t get the house we had planned to buy (settlement was for next week!) ¬†Some new medical bills cropped up and I am feeling pretty stressed financially. ¬†Add to that all the little things here and there that have been bringing me down. ¬†Yesterday, I went to put in an almost brand new pair of contacts and one was ripped. ¬†My contacts are pretty expensive and that was my last pair. ¬†I so don’t need this right now…

So today I was boiling some eggs and I heard the water bubbling around a lot so I went in to turn it down a bit, and there, bubbling in the water, was this little stuffed chick I got from my Mom many, many years ago. It “cheeps” when you cover the the contact points on the bottom. ¬†It was some easter thing with felt rabbit ears on it. ¬†I had passed it on to my daughter a while back. ¬†Last week or the week before, I caught the dog chewing on it. ¬†One ear was toast and half of it was slobber covered, but I managed to salvage it. ¬†It even still peeped!

No such luck today. ¬†I pulled the soaking, steaming chick out of the boiling pot by the tiny patch of still dry fur. ¬†When I tried to dry it off with a towel (carefully, because it was still hot as balls,) it issued some weak “cheeps” and sat there steaming, looking pitiful. ¬†Now it just buzzes desultorily.

A chick…in the water…with boiled eggs… ¬†This sort of reflects my life right now. ¬†Cheep. ¬†Fuck.

We Need to Do Better

I’m sure there are many people writing about the pitiful sentence the Stanford rapist got when the guilty verdict was finally rendered. ¬†I’ll keep this short, because I’m sure there are plenty of writers saying everything that needs to be said, so maybe this is more for me.

His sentence…It was because of his money, his pedegree… ¬†His blue eyes, his “nice smile….” Rape culture…something. ¬†All of those things. ¬†I don’t know. ¬†Without a shadow of a doubt (and without personal bias) I believe that a young black man would be spending his life in prison, were he found guilty of the same crime in the same circumstances. ¬†And that is¬†only right for a crime this serious. ¬†¬†So why should¬†Brock Turner be any different? Why should he deserve any leniency or deference to how the sentence might affect his life?

I also have a friend who was kidnapped, held against her will, and assaulted by her “boyfriend” for several days. That man got a month in jail…


Even those of you who agree wholeheartedly that Turner¬†deserves to rot in the deepest, darkest cell the state has for 10-20 years may doubt just how often this sort of thing happens, this sentencing disparity…this caring more for the rapist’s future¬†than for his victim. ¬†What message does this send to a victim of assault or rape? ¬†Victims already feel violated, worthless, lost, dead inside…

We have to do better, and the first step is getting more people to acknowledge¬†that these things still happen. ¬†We may like to have faith in the justice system, but it is clearly misplaced. ¬†Judges apparently have more judicial discretion than sense with regards to sentencing, so maybe it’s time to set some very rigid minimum standards… ¬†Not the¬†“minimum sentences” for a crime that we already have, the ones that this¬†judge apparently decided could just patently ignored out of sympathy for the rich kid.

Finally, if you can say “I’m tired of hearing about this rapist,” or “I’m tired of hearing about sexism/racism…etc”
TOO DAMN BAD!  That attitude is part of the problem.

We need to do better.