The Sleeping Flame (verse)

felt pen stippling © alienredqueen

The Sleeping Flame      5/28/12

You came to me in my dreams last night.

You were just as beautiful as I remember.

I went to your arms with desire in my heart

and doubt in my mind.

But you were diminished somehow,

and your words held no sway.

I was bound by promise to another.

You all come to me in my dreams

To waken dormant parts of me,

sleeping memories,

To tease me with false currents of flame,

and muddy the waters of my heart.

poem (orig. ~2004/edited 2012)

Bride of Chaos


You spoke of inspiration

Art, divinity-

And the tingling you planted

in my brain stem has

been spreading since that moment.

Spindling fingers scaling

the base of my skull

teasing my desire

throwing my equilibrium

I’m feeling stupid like

A school girl


I’m feeling terrified like a child-

Of your intensity

and darkness, because you’ve ignited something

in me, and I can’t stop

Like a cat wanting to be murdered

by my curiosity